Tinder is bringing ‘Blind Date’ feature based on personality


Technology Desk: Dating app Tinder is bringing a new ‘Blind Date’ feature. You don’t have to swipe right or left to see the face, you have to win the mind with the personality before seeing the face of the person on the other side.

Reminiscent of the ’90s, the new feature is appealing to users of the so-called’ Generation-G ‘, according to a report by technology site Verge.

The new feature will be added to Tinder’s ‘Fast Chat’ service. Features like ‘Hot Tech’ and ‘Swipe Night’ are part of ‘Fast Chat’. With the new feature, the app will allow two users to talk based on their thematic preferences, answers to various questions, and games.

In the new feature, the user has to answer various questions within the specified time. If the user on the other end doesn’t like the answers, the user can ‘pair up with someone else.

Tinder says the feature is designed to “put less pressure” on users and “reflects Jane-G’s dating habits of the ’90s.”

The makers of the dating app claim that users received 40 percent more matches than Fast Chat when the feature was being tested.

Verge said the feature has already been launched for users in the United States. The feature will be launched in the next few weeks for users in the global market.


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