A fire at a Russian oil depot near Ukraine

Photo taken from RT

News Desk: Russia’s Emergency Situations Ministry says no one has been killed in a fire at an oil depot in the city of Bryansk.

The fire was reported at the archives just before dawn on Monday, local news agency Reuters reported.

It was not immediately clear if the fire had anything to do with the war in Ukraine.

Russia claims that several Ukrainian helicopters attacked civilian buildings in the region last week, injuring at least six people.

Russia’s Emergency Situations Ministry said in a statement that a fire broke out at a plant owned by oil pipeline company Transnefet around 2 pm. However, there was no need to evacuate people from any part of the city due to the fire.

The city of Bryansk has a population of about 4 million. The administrative center is located 154 kilometers from the Ukrainian border. Its distance from the Russian capital Moscow is about 360 kilometers.

Russia has been launching a “comprehensive attack” on Ukraine since February 24 in a bid to “disarm” and “liberate” the country. Moscow has called the three-month-old attack a “special military operation.”


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