Alec Baldwin, shot dead in ‘pop song’ on the movie set


News Desk: Police say a woman has been killed and the film’s director has been seriously injured in a shooting at a movie set in New Mexico by actor Alec Baldwin.

The incident took place at the Bonanza Creek Ranch on Thursday during the shooting of the western genre movie ‘Rust’.

The guns used in the shooting of the movie are known as ‘Prop Gun’. In most cases, counterfeit guns are used as ‘prop songs’. Sometimes real guns and bullets are used, but various precautions are taken. Exactly what happened at Bonanza Creek Ranch on Thursday is not yet known.

The BBC reports that 42-year-old Halena Hutchins, who was shot, was taken to hospital, but was not rescued.

Investigators are investigating the whole incident, police said.

A trade union confirmed to Variety magazine that Hutchins was working as a cinematographer on the film.

The International Cinematographers Guild described the death as “terrible bad news” and “irreparable damage.”

Director Joel Shoja, 48, is still receiving treatment.

An investigation is underway, and no charges have been filed against anyone so far, New Mexico police say.


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