‘All’ girlfriend is married, Nargis is now alone in class


News Desk: Nargis Nahar and her eight classmates were in the eighth grade. But only Nargis is in ninth grade. Nargis’s other eight girlfriends got married in the coronavirus epidemic. So now Nargis Nahar is the only student in the class.

This student of Sardob High School of Holokhana Union of Kurigram Sadar Upazila has no partner to talk to now.

The school reopened after being closed for nearly a year and a half amid the coronavirus epidemic. Only Nargis Nahar came to class in 9th class on Thursday. He spent the day feeling bad.

Nargis told bdnews24.com, “Now I am the only one left. I was the only one in the class. Can’t share anything with anyone. So I have to take classes in a bad mood. ”

“I don’t know what will happen to me,” he said. I have requested my parents. Don’t let me get married suddenly. I will get married after finishing my studies and get a job and create my own situation. Not before. I don’t want to be a burden to others. ”

Nargis Nahar, a 9th class student, was seen going to Sardob High School. Students on one side and Nargis alone on the other.

Fazle Rahman, the headmaster of the school, said his school has 63 students out of 225 students from 6th to 10th class. About 60 percent of them are female students and 80 percent are male students. A team of teachers has been formed to find out the rest.

“They will go from house to house and explain the real reason for not coming to school. According to preliminary information, 16 students of the school have got married. Of the four 10th class students of the school, all the other three except Jasmine have got married. Eight out of nine people in the 9th class got married, except Nargis. ”

Fazle Rahman also said that the child marriages of one of the sixth class, two of the seventh class, and four of the eighth class have been given secretly by the family.

Assistant teacher of the school Abdul Majid Chowdhury said, “There are 36 students in 9th class. Of these, 9 are female students and 26 are male students. The issue of child marriage has come to light after the opening of the school, which is very sad. Even then, we are trying to educate girls. ”


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