An easy way to control hair


Lifestyle Desk: The easiest home remedy to control hair is to use sour yogurt.

Homemade sour yogurt is more effective than sour yogurt available on the market.

Julia Azad, co-founder and aroma therapist at Akanksha’s Glamours World, talks about easy ways to control dry and rough hair.

Hair becomes sticky and rough due to sun, sweat, and oil. Regular spa hair is good for health, but it is not always the case due to time, opportunity, or money.

In this case, taking care of the hair in the home method keeps the hair healthy and also helps in keeping the hair under control.

“Using homemade sour yogurt, which is kept out overnight instead of in the refrigerator, works well for hair,” said the beauty expert.

It also works very well to reduce hair loss.


Sour yogurt. Eggs. A few drops of almond or castor oil.


In a bowl, take sour curd and beat it with an egg with the yolk.

If there is almond or castor oil in the house, add a few drops of oil and mix it well and apply it well on the scalp and whole hair.

The pack should be used on clean hair.

You have to wait for thirty to forty-five minutes to pack. Then it should be shampooed. And at the end of the hair should use a little conditioner.

Using this pack, the hair becomes shiny instantly, and it is easy to control.


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