Bangladesh Open Data Summit begin


Md. Ashraful Islam: Bangladesh Open Data Summit is going to be held. The availability of open data of various public and private sectors of the country and its possible use for the welfare of the citizens will be important in this conference.

The three-day Bangladesh Open Data Summit will begin on Saturday, October 23, at 10 am Bangladesh time as part of UNESCO’s Global Media and Information Literacy Week celebrations. All sessions of the summit will be held on the online platform Zoom, organizers said. Various local and foreign organizations are taking part in it.

Data Summit, a non-governmental organization, has organized a data summit in Bangladesh. The organization hopes that this conference will bring open data producers, users, and new innovators on one platform.

According to the organizing authority, the summit has been arranged with three data-based issues. The topic of the first day will be the availability of open data of the country. On this day, the guests will shed light on the progress made by the government and non-government organizations in the field of data release.

The topic of the second day’s discussion will be data accessibility. Guests will talk about the human barriers to accessing open data. On the last day guests will talk about new innovations based on open data; About how open data can be used for human welfare.

Bangladeshi organizations participating in the summit include A2I, Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics, Bangladesh Institute of Bank Management, University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh, Bangladesh Institute of ICT in Development, Bangladesh Institute of Governance and Management, and South Asia Center for Media Development.

Participating foreign organizations include Detalides of India, Freedom Forum of Nepal, US-based Open Development Initiative, and DW Academy of Germany.


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