Bangladeshi shot dead in front of his house in New York


News Desk: A Bangladeshi man has been killed in front of his house in New York, USA.

The killings took place early Wednesday morning on Forbell Street in Brooklyn, local media reported.

The deceased was identified as Jyoti, 38, of Khandaker Modach. It has been mentioned in the published reports that he has left Bangladesh.

John F. Kennedy of Modach was an airport worker. He is survived by his wife and one son.

Detailed information about him was not available in the US media.

According to CBS News, the police went thereafter receiving the news of the shooting at around 1.45 pm. Going there, he found Modacher unconscious. He was shot in the head.

Modacher, who was lying in a bloody state next to his car, was taken to a Jamaican hospital, where doctors pronounced him dead.

Police could not say who shot Modacher or for what reason.

Locals said they only heard a gunshot.

Mohammed Kaiser, a local, said: ‘I have heard gunshots more than once in the last few weeks. As I was parking today, the police came and asked if I had heard anything. I said yes.’

Khairul Islam Khokon, a local, said he believed Modacher was killed in the car hijacking.

He said gun violence was on the rise and needed to be stopped.

Although Modacher was killed and fled, the miscreants did not take his car.


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