Belayet, who is in his fifties, has been given a good admission test against young


Representative of Dhaka University and Gazipur: Belayet Sheikh, in his fifties from Gazipur, is happy to take part in the much-awaited admission test of Dhaka University, ignoring the age barrier and various reprimands from society.

After the admission test of DU’s ‘D’ unit on Saturday, he said, he passed the test well.

However, he also expressed doubts about whether he will be able to compete with the young students admitted to DU.

Belayet said, “I am very happy with the test. I tested better than my age.

“But how much I can do with the young generation … is up to God.”

The admission test for the ‘D’ unit of the Faculty of Social Sciences was held in the university centers of 6 divisional cities of the country, including Dhaka University, from 11 am to 12 noon.

A total of 78,045 students have participated in the admission test against 1,336 seats. As such, 58 candidates have contested for each seat.

Belayet Sheikh from Commerce Department has participated in this unit of department change of HSC. His admission test seat fell in the mathematics building of Dhaka University.

At the end of the test, he said, “I am the last age, I am preparing to cross the sea alone; Those who took the test with me crossed a small canal.

“I already had the will to study, I have tried, I have come so far. I am coming to school at an inopportune time, I will tell the next generation so that they can build a life by taking exams in time. ”

Dhaka University admission test, the youngest son of Belayet. Sadeq Sheikh Jiban has also taken part.

Jiban said they reached Dhaka from Gazipur on Friday, thinking of traffic jams on the occasion of the test. There he went to his father’s friend’s house.

Although there was no lack of interest, Belayet Sheikh dropped out of school after finishing ninth grade in 1983 due to financial difficulties and his father’s illness.

He wanted to fill his ‘imperfection’ with higher education in university through his siblings and later with his children. But he started studying again, regretting that it was not fulfilled.

In 2017, he passed SSC (Vocational) with a 4.43 GPA from Darul Islam Alim Madrasa, Basabor, Dhaka. Then in 2021, he passed HSC (Vocational) with a GPA of 4.58 from Mahanagar Technical School and College, Rampura.

From then on, he started preparing for the admission test at Dhaka University. On May 19, when Belayet Sheikh published the admission card of Dhaka University’s ‘D’ unit on social media through his Facebook ID, there was an uproar over it.

Many people greeted him at the age of 55 and encouraged him to stick to it.

Belayet was born in 1986; He is survived by his wife, two sons, and a daughter in the Kewa West block of Sreepur. He worked as a correspondent for Sreepur in the daily Karatoya.

When he got the opportunity to get admission to Dhaka University, he expressed his interest to study in the Department of Mass Communication and Journalism.

However, in response to whether he would drop out of Dhaka University if he did not get a chance, he said, “Never. Dhaka University is my dream, but I want to go ahead with my studies. ”


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