China warns Taiwan again by sending 30 warplanes


International Desk: Taipei says 30 Chinese fighter jets have been deployed in Taiwan’s air defense zone to warn people.

Never before since Monday have so many Chinese warplanes landed near Taiwan’s airspace since January.

The “infiltration” took place just days after US President Joe Biden warned of a Chinese invasion of Taiwan.

U.S. Senator Tommy Duckworth visited Taiwan on Monday without announcing security and trade with the autonomous island; Biden is thought to have survived an earlier attempt to oust him following Mr. Jiang’s intervention.

In recent months, China has been seen sending aircraft to Taiwan’s air defense zone several times. Beijing says all of this is part of their training exercise.

China sees Taiwan as an isolated province. They have also warned to take control of the island by force if necessary.

The latest “infiltration” incident involved 22 warplanes, electronic warfare, early warning, and submarine-destroying aircraft, according to Taiwan’s defense ministry.

The planes flew over an area northeast of the Pratas Islands, part of Taiwan’s air defense zone, according to a ministry map.

However, the planes did not enter the airspace of Taiwan.

An air defense zone is an area outside the territory and airspace of a country. This self-proclaimed area is virtually part of the international airspace.

For more than a year now, Taiwan has been reporting regular infiltration of Chinese warplanes into its air defense zone.

Analysts speculate that Beijing is constantly sending warplanes to prevent Taiwan from formally declaring independence.

During a visit to Asia a few days ago, Biden also raised the issue of the “infiltration” of Chinese warplanes into Taiwan’s air defense zone. He said the United States could respond militarily if Beijing invaded the island.


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