Clash in New Market: 6 students of Dhaka College identified in Nahid’s murder


Md. Ashraful Islam: Detective police have identified six students involved in the beating and stabbing to death of deliveryman Nahid Mia during a clash between Dhaka College students and New Market shop workers.

Dhaka Metropolitan Police Deputy Commissioner (Media) Faruk Hossain said on Monday, “They all belong to Dhaka College. Several were wearing helmets at the time of the incident. Attempts are being made to arrest them. “

The Detective Branch (DB), which is in charge of investigating the case, raided the Dhaka College dormitory on Sunday. However, no one was arrested from there.

Police have found out that all the six people who were initially identified are involved in the politics of Chhatra League. However, Deputy Commissioner Farooq did not reveal the names or details of the six.

However, the names of some eyewitnesses and video analysts have already appeared in the media. They are all leaders and activists of the Dhaka College Chhatra League.

Dhaka College Chhatra League has no committee now. Although a convening committee was formed in 2016, it could not form a full committee. The student league of the college is now divided into several parts.

Dhaka College Acting Principal Moinul Hossain said on Monday afternoon that no member of law enforcement had come to him to seek information about any of the identified students.

In response to a question, Principal Moinul Hossain said, “If any member of law enforcement wants to know about any student, help will be provided.”

The acting principal said there was no information that any student had been arrested. They took one, later released him, but took away his mobile phone. “

After the workers of two shops in New Market started arguing over setting the Iftar table on April 18, one party called some BCL workers from Dhaka College dormitory. They returned to the dormitory after being beaten and went to attack the New Market at midnight on Monday with more students.

The next day, more than 50 people were injured in the day-long clashes. Among them was Nahid, a deliveryman at a computer accessories store on Elephant Road. A shopkeeper named Morsalin was injured in the brick attack. They later died at the hospital.

The family has filed two murder cases in connection with the deaths of the two. Police have filed two cases in connection with the clashes and bombings. Detective police are investigating two of the murder cases, while police are investigating the other two cases.


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