Considering the ‘limitations’ of 5G, plans are underway for 6G


Technology Desk: 5G connection service has not been launched anywhere in the world yet. Meanwhile, the top technology companies in the market like Qualcomm, Apple, Google, and LG have started research on 8G technology. Research and planning for 6G are taking into account the various ‘limitations’ of 5G.

Based on the information provided by officials and engineers of companies working on 6G technology, the technology site Senate says that the application and performance of the current 5G technology are considered as the main basis for the first tier companies in the construction of 6G technology.

Top companies are thinking of 8G wireless technology as a ubiquitous connectivity system that users don’t have to worry about network coverage and bandwidth at all. And the scope of this goal is such that only partial achievement of 5G technology has started.

Roger Cheng, the Senate’s chief news officer, said in a conversation with officials and engineers from several technology companies: Will work on the basis. ”

The Senate said the 6G technology is being planned in such a way that the required bandwidth and coverage is available in any situation. No matter how much bandwidth is required for ISP service at home, or no matter how little bandwidth is required to measure the temperature of the future smart apparel, the need to have the necessary and effective connection facility in all cases is of special importance in the construction of 6G.

In terms of coverage, 6G technology is also expected to overcome the limitations of 5G. The Senate has said that 5G services can provide acceptable bandwidth in large areas while increasing the amount of bandwidth in relatively small areas. But in order to strike a balance between these two situations, the limitations of the current 5G technology are observed.

Cheng commented that the whole technology is a source of curiosity when it comes to the question of how to increase the scope of service if the supply is sufficient. Adjusting coverage and bandwidth will be one of the goals of 8G technology, he said.

However, 6G technology is still in the planning and testing stages; So now if anyone demands to make a 6G technology product, Cheng advised not to listen to it.


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