Cosmetics that breastfeeding mothers should not use


Lifestyle Desk: Some ingredients in cosmetics are not safe for breastfeeding women and babies.

This is because the ingredients in the moisturizer, cleanser or serum reach the baby directly through the mother. And they are also harmful to the baby.

So mothers who are pregnant or breastfeeding need to be more careful when using cosmetics.

Cosmetics that will keep the skin good and will not cause any harm to the child should be chosen.

Ingredients that cannot be used include retinol and hydroquinone

New York-based registered dermatologist Dr. “Retinal is the best ingredient in anti-aging,” said Anna Carp. Which is made from vitamin A and its oral version impairs fetal growth during pregnancy.

That’s why Anna Carp, in a report published on Hello, suggests that “breastfeeding mothers should avoid retinal use.”

Hydroquinone works best to lighten skin blemishes.

Dr. “Hydroquinone is the best ingredient for reducing stains,” Carp said. However, studies have shown that this ingredient is not safe for pregnant and lactating mothers. ”

So it is important to take a good look at the list of ingredients before using any ingredient to reduce stains.

Ingredients for skincare – Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Glycerin, Squalene

The moisture acts as the key to keeping the skin looking good.

Dr. “Breastfeeding mothers need to protect the skin’s moisture and protect it from the sun,” Carp said.

So the use of vitamin C and E-rich ingredients is beneficial. Vitamin C is effective in reducing the scars caused by hormones during pregnancy.

So when buying cosmetics to remove pregnancy scars, this doctor advises buying oils that are unscented, rich in antioxidants, and rich in vitamin C.

U.S. dermatologist said. “When you take care of yourself, keep in mind that moisture is an important step in skincare,” said Debra Jaliman.

Debra recommends using cosmetics rich in glycerin, shea butter, and squalene. This is because they work well to protect the skin moisture of breastfeeding mothers.

In addition, unscented gentle cleansers for the skin should be used, he said.

Dr. Carp and Dr. Jaliman both recommend the use of sunblock made of titanium dioxide with zinc oxide as the main ingredient for skin protection.

In addition, niacinamide-rich sunblock works well to reduce skin blemishes, inflammation, and redness caused by acne.


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