Covid: More than one and a half crore people are waiting for the vaccine to be registered


Md. Ashraful Islam: Many people have to wait a long time to receive an SMS from the Department of Health after registering for the coronavirus vaccine.

Some of them have been on the protection website for the Covid Ticker for more than two months after registration; Someone or a few weeks have passed.

Online registration for the vaccine started on January 26 in the country. According to the Department of Health, more than 54.79 million people have registered for the vaccine as of Monday.

Of these, more than 3 crores 8 lakh 36 thousand people got the first dose of coronavirus vaccine. In other words, about 16 million people among the registered people have not yet been vaccinated.

The Department of Health says that due to the high number of ticker applications in some centers, it is too late to send SMS informing the date. Work is underway to resolve the issue.

Siyat Alia, a resident of Pallabi, registered for vaccination at Dhaka Dental College on August 3. His mother Nazneen Selim also registered on the same day. But even after two months, they did not receive any SMS informing the date of vaccination.

Sifat Alia said, “The way people are doing now, the infection may increase again. If the infection increases, those who have not yet been vaccinated will have a higher risk.

“I want to get vaccinated to be risk-free. But SMS is not coming. It should not take so long. Now there is no shortage of our supply. At least you should know why I didn’t get the vaccine. ”

Mohammadpur resident Iqbal Shahriar and his wife registered for the vaccine on August 8. After two months and eight days, they received an SMS on 16 October.

Iqbal said they had been infected with coronavirus once before. You want to get vaccinated to get protection so that you don’t get infected a second time.

Delwar Mridha, a caretaker of a house in Rajabazar, registered for the coronavirus vaccine on August 10. The National Institute of Neurosciences and Hospital of the capital was selected as the center. He also said he did not receive an SMS for the ticker.

“The government is asking everyone to get vaccinated,” he said. I also thought I would be safe if I got vaccinated. That is why I was registering with one of the people of the house. But two months have passed and I still haven’t received an SMS to get vaccinated. ”

Ahmed Ishtiaq Jadid, a resident of the Patia municipal area of ​​Chittagong, registered for the vaccine on September 6. But his SMS has not yet arrived stating the date of vaccination.

He said, “It is not right to be so late. I check SMS regularly. Government and private SMS came, but Ticker SMS did not come. ”

According to the Department of Health, the information is stored on the server as per the registration on the security website. Each center has a user ID and password. According to him, the health workers engaged in the immunization activities of the health department do the job of sending SMS.

Additional Director General of the Department and the head of the National Vaccine Deployment Committee, Professor. Mirzadi Sebrina Flora said the health department could administer 8 lakh doses of vaccine daily. However, this number can be further increased.

He said that more than one and a half crore people are waiting for vaccination, adding that there are regular registrations for vaccination, some of them are vaccinated by sending SMS.

“There is a section of people who have been sent SMS once but have not come yet. A large part of these 1.5 crore people is waiting to get MMS. ”

If you want to know the reason why SMS did not come even after a long time of registration, Dr. Sebrina Flora said it depends on the pressure there to register for the center.

“The number of registrants is higher in some centers. It is a bit late to get an SMS there. There are some centers, if you register yesterday, the date is available today.

“There is not much deposit outside Dhaka. To solve the problem in these centers, we are increasing the number of centers, increasing the number of booths. We’re working on how to get more people vaccinated quickly. ”


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