COVID: The technical committee suggested lifting some restrictions


Senior Reporter: The National Technical Advisory Committee on Covid-19 has recommended that the Covid Negative Certificate and Vaccine Certificate be made mandatory for people from abroad as coronavirus infections continue to increase in the country.

Besides, it has been suggested to boycott public gatherings, make the wearing of masks compulsory, and re-introduce the policy of ‘No Mask, No Service’. Mohammad Sahidullah.

He said in a press release that these recommendations have been made to the government from the 57th meeting of the committee on Wednesday.

Three months later, on Wednesday, the number of patients diagnosed with coronavirus daily exceeded two hundred again. In addition to the sample test, the daily detection rate has been more than three percent for two days, which was below one percent for several consecutive weeks.

Due to the increase in coronavirus infection in the country, in the second week of November 2020, the government made it mandatory for returning passengers to have a COVID-19 negative certificate. That obligation was recently lifted as the infection was reduced.

On March 9, the Department of Health said that a full two-dose vaccine would not require a negative certificate of coronavirus to enter Bangladesh. But the National Technical Advisory Committee on Covid-19 thinks that the discount will no longer be safe.

According to the press release, the committee believes that the virus is spreading in Bangladesh through people from those countries who have new types of coronavirus and the rate of infection is higher in those countries.

“For this, necessary measures have to be taken at air, land, and seaports. Especially for passengers coming from more affected countries, a Covid-19 negative certificate, and vaccination certificate are required. Rapid antigen tests should be arranged for suspects. ”

The National Technical Advisory Committee says people with colds and coughs are no longer testing for covid. As a result, preventive measures are not being taken. As a result, the infection is increasing.

The Department of Health said on Wednesday that 5,096 samples had been tested in the country within 24 hours till Wednesday morning. Last January, there were around 50,000 daily tests for the coronavirus Omicron type.

To encourage those who have not yet taken a third or booster dose of the coronavirus, the National Committee recommends following Nightag’s advice to vaccinate children between the ages of 5 and 12.

Since the country started vaccinating against coronavirus in February 2021, more than, 1289 million people have received the first dose of covid vaccine till June 16 this year. Among them, 11 crores, 85 lakh people got the second dose. And the third or booster dose received 2 crores 74 lakh 89 thousand people.


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