Dark spots on the skin? There are ways to overcome


Lifestyle Desk: Sunburn or lack of care can be removed with natural ingredients.

Properly covered, it will withstand a lot of adverse conditions.

Shivani De, the head of Shivani’s Aroma, explained how to remove dark spots on the neck, neck, arms, legs, knees, elbows, etc. with the help of natural ingredients.

“The use of natural ingredients in beauty treatments does not cause any side effects on the skin,” he said. The results are good. ”

However, it is not necessary to lose patience to use natural ingredients. Although these take some time to work, the results are good, he said.

How to make a homemade pack to remove dark spots

Ingredients: two teaspoons of rice powder, two teaspoons of gram flour, two teaspoons of turmeric powder, one teaspoon of kaolin clay, two teaspoons of sour yogurt, two teaspoons of orange peel paste, one teaspoon of honey, and one teaspoon of olive oil.


The ingredients have to be mixed well. Once the thakatha paste is made, the mixture should be stored in a container.

This pack should be used at any time of the day on the neck, neck or any black spot.

After using the pack, wait a while for it to dry and then wash it off.

Regular use will remove black spots on the neck, neck, arms, legs, elbows, etc.


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