Dengue control


News Desk: Entomologists are questioning the quality of mosquito control work of Dhaka’s two city corporations in view of the increasing number of dengue patients in the capital. They say that proper action is not being taken to eradicate Aedes mosquitoes. There are flaws in mosquito control management.

Now it is necessary to kill the mosquitoes quickly by intensive fogging and parricide. The deficit is going to be noticed in this activity. The main reason for the increase in dengue cases in Dhaka is the failure of mosquito control activities.

When that work needs to be done, the two city corporations are not doing it. Experts are complaining that there is more work to be done than the original work. Regrettably, the two city corporations of Dhaka spend huge sums of money every year on mosquito control, but the services are not matching accordingly.

It may be mentioned that TK 95.25 crore has been spent on mosquito control in the fiscal year 2020-21. Despite this, the Aedes mosquito has taken a terrible form this time in the dengue season. As a result, the number of dengue patients is increasing. Officially, the number of dengue patients has exceeded 10,000; In fact, experts think that this number is much higher.

In fact, while everyone is busy preventing corona, the prevalence of dengue is on the rise. Almost every day, people in different parts of the country, including the capital, are being infected with dengue fever. The death rate is also increasing. However, due to the corona situation, the health service has almost collapsed, and many people are not being admitted to the hospital even though they have fevers. This is the main reason why the exact picture of dengue is not being reflected. Extensive preparations were needed in advance to prevent the spread of dengue.

The point is not that mosquito eradication activities should be carried out as soon as the dengue season arrives. Experts have been advising for year-round activities to control Aedes mosquitoes throughout the year. Sadly, the two city corporations of Dhaka did not take appropriate steps in this regard.

To prevent the spread of dengue, the city corporation must give utmost importance to the destruction of Aedes mosquito breeding grounds. Since there is no vaccine to prevent dengue; So the only way to stay safe is to protect people from mosquito bites. Therefore, care should be taken so that water does not accumulate anywhere. Besides, the responsibility of the concerned organizations including the City Corporation is to remove the stagnant water in all parts of the city, especially in places where there is a conducive environment for mosquito breeding, and to make arrangements for effective spraying of mosquito repellent.

Where there is no rainwater drainage system, water naturally accumulates for a few days. It is more common, especially in areas where construction is underway. In addition to removing stagnant water in these places, regular mosquito repellent should be sprayed. It should be noted that the Aedes mosquito does not get a chance to lay eggs in any way. In order to stay safe and healthy, the government, as well as every citizen, should be aware and vigilant to prevent the spread of Aedes mosquitoes, this is desirable.


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