EID is a 16-day holiday in the middle and a 14-day holiday in the primary


Senior Reporter: On the occasion of Holy Ramadan and Eid-ul-Fitr, 17 days of the holiday may be declared at the secondary and higher secondary levels. In this case, the educational institutions of this level will be closed from 21st April to 6th May. Besides, it has been learned that 14 days’ leave may be fixed in primary school. In this case, the primary school will be closed from April 24 to May 7. At the same time, there will be two days off on Friday and Saturday in the month of Ramadan.

In this regard, on Wednesday (April 7), the Director-General (current duties) of Mausi Professor Shahedul Khabir Chowdhury said, this time during Ramadan and Eid-ul-Fitr, a total of 16 days of leave will be effective at the secondary and higher secondary level. Class activities will start again on May 8. Under the direction of the Ministry of Education, classes will be extended till April 20 instead of April 28.

Meanwhile, a directive issued by the Ministry of Education on April 4 said that due to the epidemic coronavirus, the teaching activities of the students were affected due to the closure of classroom activities for a long time. In this context, in order to fill the learning gap of the students, the secondary and higher secondary level educational institutions under this department are requested to continue teaching in the classroom till April 26 following the hygiene rules. By amending this order, the teaching activities in the classrooms of the educational institutions have been rescheduled to 20 April instead of 26 April.

It also said that during the month of Ramadan, weekly holidays will be effective on Fridays and Saturdays during classes. After EID, the weekly holiday will be effective only on Friday (one day) as before. Besides, the EID holiday will be according to the syllabus.

During Ramadan, the self-governing authorities of the universities have been requested to take necessary steps in this regard as per the decision of the Academic Council and Syndicate.

Earlier, the Department of Secondary and Higher Education had issued instructions to keep the educational institution open till April 28. In his view, classes are being taken at the secondary and higher secondary level of the country.

Last Monday (April 4) in a meeting at the Ministry of Education in the presence of the Minister of Education, it was changed to reduce the number of classes and increase the fasting and EID holidays.

However, Secretary of the Ministry of Primary and Mass Education Aminul Islam said that the holidays of government primary schools are not being reduced. On Monday, he said many children had lagged behind because primary schools had been closed for the past two years. Classes are being conducted in Ramadan to meet their learning needs. Whatever you say, the class will continue till April 23. According to him, the government primary has been fixed for 14 days of Ramadan and EID holidays this time.


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