Facebook is ‘doubtful’ about the exact number of regular users


Md. Ashraful Islam: Facebook is skeptical about determining the number of regular users on its own platform. With so many users creating multiple accounts on the platform, the top social media is unable to determine the exact number of regular users at all.

Analyzing Facebook’s internal documents, the US daily Wall Street Journal reported that Facebook is having a hard time determining the exact number of users. Since many users have multiple accounts, the organization itself is confused as to which of these accounts will be considered as regular users or how many can be considered as regular users.

The Wall Street Journal reports from an internal document on US social media that the opening of new accounts by old users is “quite noticeable” among the new accounts being opened on the platform. Analyzing 5,000 new sign-ups, Facebook discovered that 32 to 56 percent of account owners already have different Facebook accounts.

Facebook’s own search has come up with more startling information about the exact number of regular users. An internal Facebook memo in May found that the number of users in the age group of 20, but at least once a month, often exceeded the total number of U.S. citizens in that age group. In other words, the number of daily users on Facebook is not “reliable” in the memo.

According to the Senate, the exact number of regular users of Facebook has been questioned, and the reliability of the information being provided to advertisers by Facebook has been questioned.

A Facebook spokesman told the Senate: “The fake accounts we’re researching are nothing new. And this little bit of information isn’t telling the whole story. None of the information we provide about the duplicate account in the documents released to the public will alter that report. We also provide the necessary information for our advertising products. At the end of the day, advertisers use Facebook because they see results. We help them achieve their business goals and maintain appropriate standards through reporting tools. ”

Facebook claims to be a “real identity platform”, so the company bans that user if it finds more than one personal account. However, most users are opening multiple accounts because of a mistake when signing in to their account or because they are ‘locked out of their own account – an analysis of Facebook memos suggests the Wall Street Journal.


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