Floods, landslides kill more than 100 in Nepal

Photo taken from Kathmandu Post

News Desk: The death toll from floods and landslides caused by continuous rains in different parts of Nepal had exceeded 100, according to the country’s authorities.

At least 101 people have been confirmed dead in the disaster caused by nonseasonal rains, 41 are still missing, they said on Thursday.

Citing information provided by the Nepal Police, the Kathmandu Post reported that 60 deaths were reported in Province No. 1 alone; Another 31 people died in the far western province.

Of the 40 injured, 19 were in Province No. 1, four in Cornelius, and 18 in the Far West.

The search for the missing continues, a police official said on Thursday evening local time.

According to the police, 1,018 families have been displaced due to floods and landslides.

“Nepal Police is working closely with various agencies and local authorities to bring people from displaced, flood-prone, and landslide-prone areas to safety.

“Police personnel is also working to clear the roads to keep goods and passenger transport running in different parts of the country,” said Basanta Bahadur Kunwar, senior superintendent of police and spokesman for Nepal Police.

The floods caused by the torrential rains have also caused extensive damage to crops, local media reported.

The sudden and intense rains in the third week of October, a month after the end of the monsoon season in the country, have caught the eye of experts. They see the rains as a precedent for the devastating effects of climate change on Nepal’s economy and livelihood.

Over the past few years, Nepal has seen heavy rainfall in a short period of time, which is now becoming ‘normal’, experts say.

Disaster management in this poor country in the lap of the Himalayas is also not very good. In the name of development, trees and hills are being cut down in Dedarse in the country, which is also increasing the amount of damage caused by monsoon disasters.


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