Former state minister Murad forehead was fractured when the ceiling fan fell


Jamalpur representative: In just a few months, many things have changed, so the ceiling fan in the living room of your home will also open!

That is what happened to Jamalpur MP Murad Hasan, who lost the post of State Minister for Information due to his indecent remarks.

The disaster happened on Thursday night. Murad was talking to some followers at his house at Daulatpur in Sarishabari Upazila of Jamalpur.

He said on the telephone, “Suddenly the ceiling fan opened and hit my forehead. Later the doctor came and did three stitches. ”

Upon receiving the news, Debashish Rajbangshi, Resident Medical Officer of Sarishabari Upazila Health Complex, went himself to take care of the MP’s forehead wound.

“There is nothing to worry about,” he said. Even then, he has been kept under observation. ”

Murad Hasan, who has a medical degree, went to Parliament for the first time from the Jamalpur-4 constituency in the 2008 elections.

After winning the same seat for the second time in the Eleventh Parliamentary Election in 2018, he was given the responsibility of the Minister of State in the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare. At the end of five months, he got the responsibility of the Minister of State for Information.

Murad had to lose his post of state minister in December last year after an actress was threatened on the telephone and audio of indecent remarks was leaked. The local MP was also relieved from the post of Jamalpur Awami League.

Murad left the country for Canada on the night of December 9 amidst various dramas. But he was unable to enter Canada or the United Arab Emirates and had to return home two days later. Since then, he has been hidden from public view.


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