Gas price increased by 22.78%, and two stoves will have to pay 1,080 takas


Staff Reporter: This time, the price of gas has gone up by increasing the household expenses of the low and middle-income people who are in trouble with the price of goods.

The Bangladesh Energy Regulatory Commission (BERC) has increased the wholesale price of gas supplied in the pipeline from Tk 9.70 paisa per cubic meter by 22.78% to Tk 11.91 paisa, which will be effective from this June.

Pricing will also be adjusted at the distribution level in line with the wholesale price, which will increase the cost of gas at all stages except CNG for vehicle use.

The monthly bill for two stoves (double burners) for cooking gas is increasing from Tk 975 to Tk 1,080. The monthly bill for one stove has been increased from Tk 925 to Tk 990.

The cost per unit of R&R prepaid meter has increased from Tk 12.60 paise to Tk 18. The new price will be effective this month by updating the server system.

The price of gas per cubic meter for power plants has been increased from Tk 4.45 to Tk 5.02. For captive power plants, the price has been increased from Tk 13.85 to Tk 16. And for the fertilizer factory, it has been increased from 4 TK 45 paise to 16 TK.

Earlier, the price of gas in industrial factories was TK 10.70 per cubic meter. Now large industries have to pay 11 TK 98 paise, medium industries 11 TK 78 paise and small industries 10 TK 78 paise.

In the case of commercial customers (hotels, restaurants) the price per unit has been increased from Tk 23 to Tk 26.64 paise. However, the price of gas at CNG stations remains the same at Tk 43 per cubic meter.

The new price of gas was announced at a virtual press conference on Sunday, said the acting chairman of the Bangladesh Energy Regulatory Commission. Abu Farooq.

The last gas price increase was on July 1, 2019. At the end of three years, it was extended again.

Apart from Petrobangla, six distribution companies had also proposed to increase gas prices in January. A public hearing was held on the proposal from March 21 to 24. Stakeholders had until April 7 to provide written comments.


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