I have seen a lot, now waiting for proof: Home Minister


Md. Ashraful Islam: Home Minister Asaduzzaman Khan Kamal has said that those trying to create communal tension in Comilla are being identified.

“We’re seeing a lot, guessing a lot,” he told reporters on Sunday. I am waiting for the proof, I will present it to you as soon as I get the proof. ”

Asked about the arrests, he said, “Efforts have been made to identify them. We will be able to arrest them soon. ”

On October 13, a temple in Comilla was attacked and vandalized for allegedly insulting the Quran.

During Durga Puja, temples were attacked in several districts, including Chandpur and Chittagong. At least six people were killed.

On Sunday, four days after the Comilla incident, journalists met the Home Minister at the Secretariat and asked him questions about taking action against those involved in creating communal tensions.

Asaduzzaman Kamal said, “You (journalists) are saying, what is the progress of the incident in Comilla? What happened in Comilla, we are taking it very seriously. I will report all the facts through a thorough investigation. Hope to hear from you soon.

“Bangladesh is a non-communal country, there must be a reason behind this sudden occurrence. We will be able to clear it further in a few days. ”

Earlier, the minister said the incident in Comilla was similar to the attack on religious minorities at Ramnagar in Cox’s Bazar and Nasirnagar in Brahmanbaria.

“The main objective was to create a chaotic situation through communal tensions. The people of this country are pious, not bigoted. Who will benefit by creating a chaotic situation in such a situation – that is my question to you. ”

Asaduzzaman Kamal thinks that there is a link between similar incidents in other districts after Comilla.

“After the incident in Comilla, small incidents have taken place in Hajiganj of Chandpur and different places. It has been in Noakhali, it has been in Feni, it has been in Cox’s Bazar. There were casualties in Noakhali. We apologize for the loss.

“We must investigate everything and provide exemplary punishment so that no one tries to destroy this communal harmony.”

Asked if there was any fuel from outside the country behind these incidents, the Home Minister said, “I am not saying anything at the moment. There is no shortage of people in our country.

“Whether they are moving from outside the country or not, they will also come out for investigation. We will be able to report everything that really happened soon. ”


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