In 21 days, remittances reached 141 crore


Staff Reporter: With Ramadan and EID in mind, expatriates in the country have sent remittances of about 141 million on the 21st day of this month.

The amount of money sent by expatriates to their families and relatives before EID is always high. This is no exception to the downward trend of the last few months.

EID is scheduled to start on April 3 or EID on May 2 or 3. Bankers hope that if this trend of sending daily remittances continues, by the end of this month, the total will exceed 200 million or two billion dollars.

Bangladesh Bank spokesman and executive director on Sunday. Sirajul Islam informed that a remittance of 1407.09 million dollars has been received till April 21.

If the exchange rate is 90 rupees per dollar, the expatriates have sent 12 thousand 84 crore rupees to the country on the 21st day of April.

In April 2021, remittances came to 206 crores, 76 lakh dollars. And in March this year, the expatriates sent 185 crores, 99 lakh dollars.

An analysis of remittance statistics for the current financial year shows that remittance inflows have been steadily declining from July to December, the first month of the financial year. Remittances from 187 million in July to 163 million in December.

Earlier in the year, cash incentives were announced to increase to 170 corers 45 lakh in January but declined the following month. Last February, remittances reached 149.6 million, the lowest in 21 months.

There has also been a negative growth of 9 months from July to March of the current financial year. At this time, the total remittances came to 15.30 billion dollars. It is 17.74 percent less than the same period last year.

By the March 2020-21 fiscal year, 18.60 billion had arrived.

It is normal for Agrani Bank Chairman Zayed Bakht to be a little less this time after a record remittance last year.

He said, “This time the price of the dollar has become a little different. Maybe more dollars are coming through hundi without coming to the banking channel. So remittances are showing less. ”


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