‘KGF 2’ surpasses Dangal


Entertainment Desk: KGF2 is on its way to the top of the list of all-time box office champions of Indian Hindi cinema.

According to The Times of India, the Hindi version of KGF 2 has grossed Rs 330 crore in its second week of release. On the thirteenth day of release, the income was 7 crore rupees.

According to the Box Office India report, the movie will soon surpass the box office champion actor Aamir Khan’s ‘Dangal’.

The Hindi version of the super hit KGF 2 has already broken the box office record of ‘Dangal’ in several Indian states.

Kannada movie ‘KGF 2’ is a sequel to ‘KGF’. The story revolves around a gangster who is fighting for possession of a gold mine.

Yash has played the lead role in the movie; Bollywood stars Sanjay Dutt and Ravina Tandon are also in the movie. Also starring Prakash Raj, Srinidhi Sethi.

‘KGF 2’ was released on April 14. The Kannada language film was released in several other languages.


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