LPG prices rose 22 percent


Staff Reporter: The price of liquefied petroleum gas or LPG sold in cylinders in the domestic market was increased for the fourth month in a row at the request of private marketing companies.

The Bangladesh Energy Regulatory Commission (BERC) on Sunday increased the price of LPG per kg, including VAT, from TK 7.08 per kg to TK 104.92. In other words, the price per kg increased by 22 percent.

According to him, the most expensive 12 kg LPG cylinder in the country in October will cost 1259 rupees including VAT, which was 1033 rupees in September.

To keep pace with the international market, BERC has been announcing new LPG prices every month in line with Saudi Aramco’s propane and butane prices.

The new rates were set at the second hearing in a year at the request of private marketing companies, raising operating costs.

During the hearing at the Bangladesh Energy Regulatory Commission at the TCB building in Karwanbazar, some rules were also changed.

Until now, the retail price of LPG for the new month was determined according to the Saudi CP of the previous month. The new rules will set the retail price of LPG, according to this month’s Saudi CP.

BERC chairman Abdul Jalil said the contract price or CP of Saudi Aramco’s propane and butane for October was ৮ 800 and ৫ 695 per metric tonne, respectively. The average price of a mixture of propane and butane (35:65) is ৬ 798, 75 per ton.

In view of these considerations, the retail price of private LPG has been fixed at TK 97.33 per kg excluding VAT and TK 104.92 per kg including VAT. According to him, the price of 12 kg LPG including VAT has been fixed at TK 1259 at retail outlets.

As the new announcement has had an impact on fuel prices in the international market, it has also raised the operating costs of companies.

The BERC chairman said, “The price of propane and butane rose by an average of ড 140 per tonne in October compared to August. As a result, the price of LPG per 12 kg has increased by TK 158 including VAT. ”


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