Megan’s strange illness


Entertainment Desk: Her name has appeared more than once on the list of top beauties of the world. In an interview with the British magazine GQ, Hollywood actress Megan Fox admitted, “Yes, I have” body dysmorphia. ” I was very insecure about my body. ‘

Body dysmorphia is a mental illness in which one is always worried about any inconsistency or weakness in one’s body. Sometimes this inconsistency he wants to hide or conceal. This state of mind often creates discomfort. Makes life miserable. Megan has said many things with an open mind to that magazine. He said, ‘We look at someone’s body and think, oh man, how beautiful! How easy their life is. Maybe they don’t think that way about themselves. ‘

However, the actress did not elaborate on how this insecurity was created in her body. Earlier, he said he had problems with mental health. In 2009, ‘Jennifer’s Body’ seemed to tell the story of Megan’s own life. Because he has always been presented as ‘sexualized’ in films and media. “It wasn’t just a movie,” said Megan. This is every day of my life. All my days were like the films I worked on, the producers I worked with. ‘

Megan also talks about her relationship with her boyfriend, Machine Song Kelly. He said, ‘The first time I looked into his eyes, I thought I knew you. I have known for a long time. I know in many ways. Furthermore, I know a lot about life. ‘

Megan Fox starred with boyfriend Kelly in Midnight in the Switchgrass. Although there are many rumors in the market about the love between the two, Megan doesn’t pay attention to them. He also opened his mouth a few times. There were complaints, there are children in the Machine Gun Kelly! Megan doesn’t care about anything. They are waiting to get married.


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