Mithila’s Bollywood movie is going to be released on November


Entertainment Desk: ‘Miss Universe Bangladesh-2020’ The first Bollywood movie ‘Rohingya’ starring Tanzia Zaman Mithila will be released worldwide in November.

Directed by Bollywood director Haider Khan, the film stars Mithila as a Rohingya girl named Husne Ara.

Mithila said that the movie will be released on Apple TV on November 15.

Earlier, on August 23, the film was cleared by the Censor Board of India.

‘Rohingya’ is Haider Khan’s first film as a director; He has previously worked as an assistant director in several Bollywood movies. Also known as a photographer.

Starring in ‘Mr. Bhutan’; Who has acted in Salman Khan’s Radhe movie.

Apart from ‘Rohingya’, Mithila has written her name in two more Bangladeshi movies; He is aware that the film production company will officially announce the movies.

After winning ‘Miss Universe Bangladesh-2020’, the authorities withdrew the name of model Tanzia Zaman Mithila from the main competition at the last minute before she crossed into the United States due to various reasons including visa complications due to travel ban.


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