Muktijoddha Mancha ultimatum to demand the arrest of Jewel


Staff Reporter: Bangladesh Muktiyuddha Mancha has demanded the arrest and exemplary punishment of Saif Mahmud Jewel, general secretary of Chhatra Dal, within the next 24 hours.

The demand was made in a written press release signed by the president of the organization Aminul Islam Bulbul and general secretary Al Mamun on May 23.

The written protest letter said, “Bangladesh Muktijuddha Mancha strongly condemns and protests against the insult to Bangabandhu’s daughter Hon’ble Prime Minister Deshratna Sheikh Hasina. It also demands immediate arrest and exemplary punishment of General Secretary of Chhatra Dal Saif Ahmed Jewel. Peace has prevailed in universities across the country for a long time. No more campus closures. Students are finishing their education on time, engaging in their respective professions and serving the country and the nation. Students no longer have to suffer from session jams. The student society of this country has repeatedly rejected the call of the terrorist organization, Chhatra Dal, to create terror and anarchy. “

The student society of this country must resist the terrorism of the student organization Chhatra Dal. Bangladesh is successfully moving forward under the leadership of Bangabandhu’s daughter Deshratna Sheikh Hasina. Bangladesh has now become a role model of development in the court of the world. Unable to bear that trend of development and progress, the anti-independence evil forces BNP-Jamaat allies have again engaged in anti-state conspiracies. Their main objective is to turn Bangladesh into a failed and ineffective state by creating terror, anarchy and chaos. In the aftermath of that conspiracy, Chhatra Dal, a terrorist organization of students, committed an unforgivable crime by taunting Prime Minister Deshratna Sheikh Hasina, daughter of Bangabandhu. Bangladesh Muktiyuddha Mancha will always be uncompromising on the issues of Bangabandhu, Liberation War, Muktijoddha and Sheikh Hasina.

The law enforcement agencies are urged to arrest Saif Mahmood Jewel, general secretary of the terrorist organisation Chhatra Dal, within the next 24 hours for making such derogatory remarks about the head of government. Militant organizations like Chhatra Shibir should be banned in the whole country. The Bangladesh Liberation War Mancha will resist with a firm hand wherever Jewel is found. “


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