Muktijoddha Sontan Sangsad’s human chain in 7 demands including quota reinstatement


Senior Reporter: Bangladesh Muktijoddha Sontan Sangsad has organized a human chain demanding 7 points including reinstatement of 30 percent quota. At the same time, the human chain also protested against the attempt of Muktijoddha Welfare Trust to sell its property.

The human chain was held in front of the National Press Club on Sunday (September 5) morning to organize the Bangladesh Muktijoddha Sontan Sangsad. Manabbandhane Muktijoddha Sontan Sangsad founder chairman. Solomon Mia and the founding secretary-general. Leaders of the organization, including Shafiqul Islam were present.

Their demands are that in order to prevent corruption, the quota of 30 percent freedom fighters should be maintained and implemented according to the qualifications of the children and grandchildren of the freedom fighters. Dignity must be determined by passing constitutional recognition and protection of freedom fighter families. Heroic freedom fighters should be given VIP status in all fields including hospitals, government offices, airports. Muktijoddha Welfare Trust should be transformed into a for-profit organization by eliminating the idea of ​​selling abandoned property. Bangladesh Muktijoddha Sontan Sangsad Central Command Council is ready to provide all kinds of assistance to protect the abandoned property and make it profitable.

Other demands of the organization include that a representative of the family of a martyred or dead heroic freedom fighter and a sick heroic freedom fighter should vote in the Muktijoddha Sangsad elections and replace the so-called mazar or grave from the demarcated boundary of the Jatiya Sangsad Bhaban. In order to protect the honor of Mujib Kot, a law has to be passed to ban the wearing of Mujib’s coat in movies and serials. In Tangail, heroic freedom fighter Farooq Ahmed and heroic freedom fighter Abdul Latif Khan, hero’s son Major Sinha and ASP Anisul Karim Shipon will have to take strict legal action against attacks on freedom fighters’ families and land grabbing across the country, including planned murder trials. Strict laws need to be enacted to continue the campaign against corruption, drugs, rape, and to control the market for daily commodities.

The leaders said that in order to eliminate unemployment, the family members of the heroic freedom fighters have to give a loan of at least TK 10 lakh on easy terms. In case of admission in all educational institutions, 10 percent seats of heroic freedom fighters’ children and grandchildren have to be reserved and implemented. The children of the heroic freedom fighters should have reserved seats in all the councils, including the Jatiya Sangsad Bhaban.


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