One arrested with Turage Yaba


News Desk: Dhaka Metropolitan Police’s (DMP) Turag Thana police have arrested a man along with Yaba from the Turag Thana area of ​​the capital. The name of the arrested is Md. Sheikh Raja. His home is in Ashulia, Dhaka.

Sheikh Raja along with Yaba was arrested from Kamarpara area of ​​Turag on Tuesday (September 14, 2021) at 8.45 pm. At that time, 500 pieces of yaba were recovered from the king.

Regarding the recovery of yaba, DMP Turag Police Station Officer-in-Charge Mohammad Mehedi Hasan told DMP News that a police team on regular patrol at the police station received news that a man was standing next to a tea shop on the east side of Kamarpara checkpost. On the basis of such information, the patrol police went to the area. Upon realizing the presence of the police, a man named Raja was arrested while he was reading the shot. His body was searched and 500 pieces of yaba were recovered from his pants pocket.

The arrested king sells yaba in and around Turag. The arrested person has been sent to a wise court in the case filed by Turag police station, the police official said.


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