Putin threatens “quick response” to foreign intervention in Ukraine

Russian President Vladimir Putin. Photo: Reuters

Md. Ashraful Islam: Russian President Vladimir Putin has warned that any country trying to intervene in the Ukraine war could face “lightning speed” repercussions.

Putin made the remarks while talking to Russian lawmakers in St. Petersburg on Wednesday, the BBC reported.

“If an outsider tries to intervene in Ukraine and pose a strategic threat to Russia, our response will be lightning speed,” he said. We have all the tools to stop anyone’s pride. And we will not brag about it, we will use it if necessary. ”

Russia’s President Vladimir Putin has said that a decision has already been made on what the outcome will be. But he did not elaborate.

Western analysts have suggested that Putin may have used ballistic missiles and nuclear weapons in his remarks.

Ukraine’s Western allies have stepped up arms supplies to the country, and the United States has vowed to ensure that Ukraine can defeat Russia.

Putin issued the warning the day after Western nations pledged to increase military aid to Ukraine at a conference in Germany on Tuesday.

At the conference, US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin pledged to work “hard” to ensure Ukraine’s victory in the war. And the German government has announced a major change in its policy to provide Ukraine with about 50 anti-aircraft tanks.

In this context, Western analysts believe that Putin has made such a threat to warn Ukraine’s allies about increasing the scope of intervention in the war.

Western officials say Russian forces are obstructing operations in eastern Ukraine.

Russia launched a major offensive last week to take control of the Danube after troops withdrew from and around the Ukrainian capital, Kiev.

But according to a Western official, in the face of fierce resistance from Ukrainians, Russian forces see the situation as “not easy” and are facing casualties.

In a statement issued after Moscow cut off gas supplies to Bulgaria and Poland, the European Union said Russia was “blackmailing” the gas.

European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen said this showed Russia’s “dishonesty” as a supplier.

The Kremlin says Russia has been forced to do so because of “unfriendly actions” by Western nations.


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