Russia has cut off gas supplies to Bulgaria and Poland

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Md. Ashraful Islam: Russia’s Gazprom has completely stopped supplying gas to Bulgarian company Bulgargaaz and Polish company PGNIG due to non-payment of ruble price within the stipulated time.

Russia’s largest multinational energy company said in a statement on Wednesday.

In a statement, Gazprom said, “Gazprom Exports has asked Bulgargaz and PGNIG to suspend gas supplies from April 26 until payment is made in accordance with the decree.”

The Russian gas company further stated that the price of gas supplied in April was not realized by Gazprom Exports within 26 working days; According to the decree of the President of Russia on March 31, 2022, this price was to be paid in rubles.

As Bulgaria and Poland are Russia’s transit countries for gas supplies to Europe, Gazprom warned in a statement that the amount of gas taken from transit supplies would be reduced in the event of an “unauthorized acceptance” of gas sent to third countries.

On April 26, Gazprom issued a notice to both the Polish and Bulgarian importers, saying that their gas supply would be cut off from April 26 because of the rejection of the ruble offer.

Gas prices in Europe have risen 21 percent since the company’s statement, according to the Tass report. Somewhere, the price of one thousand cubic meters of gas has exceeded ৭ 1360, they said.

On March 23, Russian President Vladimir Putin said that the price of gas imported to “non-aligned” countries must be paid in rubles, otherwise the existing agreement would be suspended. He also said that Russia would no longer accept payments in dollars or euros under the gas deal.

So far, however, few European buyers of Russian gas have responded to his offer, according to Reuters.

Russia’s gas supplies about one-third of Europe’s annual fuel. Moscow has responded to economic sanctions imposed on Russia in response to an attack on Ukraine that began last month by demanding that the price of gas be paid in rubles.

Moscow has claimed that it is conducting a “special military operation” to disarm Ukraine and liberate it from neo-Nazis, and says Western countries have launched an “economic war” against them over sanctions.

Analysts say that if Russia gets its gas price in rubles, the country could bypass some economic sanctions imposed by the West.


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