Russia threatens war in response to cyber attacks


Md. Ashraful Islam: Moscow has threatened Western powers with a war of attrition over a cyber attack on Russia’s vital infrastructure.

Russia’s foreign ministry has said it will launch military strikes on specific targets if Russia is challenged in the cyber world.

The website of the Russian Ministry of Housing was attacked in the first week of June. After searching the internet for some time, the searchers found a post in Ukrainian instead of ‘Glory to Ukraine’ instead of the site.

Russia’s foreign ministry said in a statement that key Russian infrastructure and state-owned enterprises had been hit by cyberattacks.

Russia has blamed the United States and Ukraine for the attack, according to Reuters.

The Foreign Ministry said in a statement that Russia had “no qualms about responding to the aggression.” All of our actions will be moderate, on specific targets, and in compliance with local and international law. ”

In a statement, the ministry said in a statement that Washington was “deliberately” lowering the bar on the military use of information technology.

“The militarization of Western information technology and its transformation into a battleground for inter-state conflict is increasing the risk of a direct military conflict at an alarming rate.”

Russian government agencies and media websites have been the target of sporadic cyber attacks since the military invasion of Ukraine began in February. In most cases, hackers are posting information that contradicts Russia’s official position on hacked websites.

From the beginning, Moscow has called the military invasion of Ukraine a “special military operation.” The Russian government claims that the military operation is aimed at “disarming” the neighboring country and “protecting it from fascist forces.”

Ukraine and the West, meanwhile, see Russia’s interpretation as an “excuse for an illegal aggression.”

In May, President Vladimir Putin announced that the number of foreign “state-backed” cyber attacks on Russia had multiplied. In this context, he called for strengthening the information technology security of his country.


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