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Redwan Rahman graduates from Filmdom

Redwan Rahman: I am a Director's Actor

Redwan is one of the most popular and busy actors of this time, who stepped into the media as a host and a model. He made his debut as an anchor in a magazine show, Movie time, which gave him mass popularity. He has been picked as a model by celebrated actor Afzal Hossain for a TV commercial on beautiful Bangladesh. Since then, the talented model-actor has occupied a strong position in showbiz. Currently, Redwan Rahman is all set to debut on the silver screen with an action romantic film game, directed by Razu Chowdhury. In an interview with Redwan talked about his recent ventures:

*What are you up to nowadays?
I am working on Razu Chowdhury’s first film game. As it is my silver screen debut, I am giving my all concentration towards the film.

*Why you have chosen this film as your debut on the silver screen?

I found this film to be appropriate for my debut. I also love the story and every detail of the role. I am lucky that I am starting my journey on the silver screen with the same director whose telefilm was my first acting debut.

Furthermore, have a good understanding of Razu Chowdhury. I started my career with his telefilm Jolpoddo. We also have a strong connection, I was always confident about Razu’s ability to deliver good entertainment pieces to the audience. Another point is, I trust that he is introducing this role specifically for me because it feels that this role is tailor-made to suit my abilities.

*How did you get yourself ready for the silver screen debut?

I have done huge homework about working on the silver screen. I learned how to be a dancer, coordinate as an action hero, and also did a lot of work to improve my acting. From the very begging of my career, everyone helped me a lot.

*Who inspired you?

At first, I thought it was not my cup of tea. Being a host was enough for me. But, Afzal Hossain just played the lead role in launching my career, and he is my mentor. He taught me every small detail of the trade. I have learned so many things from him. Celebrated and noted actor Asaduzzaman Noor also inspired me.

*Do you have any plans to stick to modeling?

I won’t stop modeling. In my entire career, I have done only eight advertisements, and every single one succeeded in the market.

*What is your current goal?

I don’t have any plans right now except for this film. A movie reel keeps a performance alive for years, with repeated views by the audience. I want my performance to leave a good impression.

According to Redwan Rahman, hard work and determination never go unrewarded, and he believes that he is a director’s actor.

The local government minister has instructed to cut the road if necessary to remove the water


Senior Reporter: Local government, rural development, and co-operative minister Md. Tajul Islam.

He told a press briefing at the Government Bus Building on Minto Road on Saturday that the local government engineering department and the Sylhet City Corporation had been instructed in this regard.

“Roads that are not able to go down due to waterlogging have been asked to be cut off immediately,” he said. Officials from the local government engineering department and the city corporation are monitoring the situation. ”

Besides, instructions have been given to supply electricity through the generator to Sylhet MAG Osmani Hospital, said Tajul Islam.

Record rains from Assam and Meghalaya in India have brought extreme misery to large areas of northeastern Bangladesh. At least 35 lakh people in Sylhet and Sunamganj have been inundated by the third phase of floods. In addition to the local administration, the army is also conducting rescue operations in these two districts.

The minister said the main goal of the government was to protect people from flood-hit areas and bring them to safety. Provide dry food, pure water, and water purification tablets to the stranded people.

He said, “It is possible to take quick action, as the government was prepared in advance.”

State Minister for Disaster Management Enamur Rahman said that 32,000 packets of dry and other food items have been allotted for the flood victims.

Besides, Tk 80 lakh has been disbursed in Sunamganj and Sylhet so far, he said in a briefing at the secretariat on Saturday afternoon.

According to the Flood Forecasting and Warning Center, moderate to heavy rains are expected in the next 72 hours in the northern part of the country, northeast and adjoining parts of Assam, Meghalaya, and West Bengal.

According to the Centre’s forecast, the situation could worsen in the next 24 hours in 11 flood-hit districts. And Teesta water may be near or above the danger level at this time.

The local government minister told reporters that the government would provide the necessary funds to repair the roads, bridges, and other damage caused by the floods.

Request to withdraw closure shop at night till EID


Staff Reporter: The FBCCI, the apex body of traders, has requested to suspend the directive to close shops, stalls, markets, and raw material markets after 8 pm till next Eid-ul-Azha.

The request was made at a meeting of the Standing Committee on Local Garments at the organization’s own office on Saturday, a press release said.

The government has made a rule to close all kinds of shops in the country after 8 pm for a long time to save electricity. But in most cases, it is not accepted.

The Prime Minister’s Office on Thursday sent a letter to the concerned departments of the government instructing them to abide by the order to reduce the cost of electricity and fuel.

The issue came up at a meeting at the FBCCI office on Saturday. At the same time, the efforts of businessmen to revive the country’s economy with the help of the incentive package announced by the government were highlighted.

Mostafa Azad Chowdhury Babu, senior vice-president of the FBCCI, said:

“In such a situation, if the business is closed after 8 pm, the attempt of the traders to turn around will be hampered.”

The senior vice-president of FBCCI called for postponing the decision to close shops, shopping malls, markets, shopping malls, and raw material markets after 8 pm till Eid-ul-Azha in view of the demands of traders.

He said: In such a scenario, if the trade is restricted till 8 pm, millions of small and medium traders of the country will be in trouble and at the same time the public will have to suffer. ”

The meeting called for taking the initiative to set up a garment village for garment manufacturers in the domestic market, FBCCI Vice President MA Momen.

He said, “For the domestic market, it costs a lot of money for garment manufacturers to collect raw materials from different places and re-package them and sell them in the wholesale market.

“If there is a designated village, the cost will be reduced a lot. This will help the buyers to meet the demand for clothes at more affordable prices. ”

Chairman of the committee and president of the Bangladesh Owners’ Association of Owners. Alauddin Malik presided over the meeting.

He said, “A huge amount of import cost is being saved for the welfare of locally produced garments. This sector will be more prosperous if we get bank loans. ”

FBCCI Director Shafiqul Islam Varsa and Hafeez Harun addressed the meeting. Co-Chairman MH Mostafa, Md. Abul Khair, Md. Sarwar Uddin Khan, Haji. Tipu Sultan, Md. Kefayetullah Twinkle and Junaid Ibn Ali were present at the meeting.

The days of the Western monolithic world are over: Putin


Md. Ashraful Islam: Russia’s President Vladimir Putin has accused the United States of trying to destabilize the world, saying “the era of the monolithic world is over.”

Putin made the remarks while addressing the annual conference of the International Economic Forum in St. Petersburg on Friday, CNN reported.

“After winning the war of nerves, the United States has declared itself its representative in the world,” Putin said. Those who have no other responsibility but to protect their own interests. And they declared their own interests sacred. It is their one-sided behavior that has destabilized the world. “

Russia was hit by a major cyberattack before Putin’s speech at the Economic Forum on Friday. As a result, Putin spoke 90 minutes later than scheduled. Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov confirmed to reporters that the cyber-attack and Putin’s speech had been delayed.

It was not immediately clear who carried out the cyberattack. However, it is thought that hackers from the IT department of the Ukrainian army may have caused it.

The world was watching what Putin said at the annual conference of the International Economic Forum after the aggression on Ukraine began four months ago. Analysts hope that Putin’s remarks on the Ukraine war will give him a clear idea of ​​what is going on in his mind.

As soon as Putin stepped on the stage to deliver his speech, he began sharply criticizing the United States and its Western allies.

“They (Westerners) live in their own delusion … they think they have won,” he said. Everything else is a colony, backyard and the people living there are second-class citizens. ”

At the time, Putin blamed the West for trying to hurt Russia’s economy. He called the sanctions against Moscow “crazy” and “reckless.”

Putin claims that the Western sanctions have already failed. He says sanctions are more harmful to those who impose them.

Putin noted that the imposition of sanctions on Russia could cost the European Union 400 million. According to him, the EU has lost its political authority in responding to the war in Ukraine.

Putin said inflation was rising in EU countries. Inequality will only increase as a result of sanctions. With this ban, the real interests of the people of Europe have been sidelined.

“We are tough people,” he said. We can continue to face any challenge. ”

“Russia is just beginning its journey as a strong and sovereign nation. We will definitely take advantage of the opportunities that are available at this time, and we will be stronger. ”

Russia will be an open economy and will not walk the path of isolation despite sanctions, Putin said. He says Russia will continue to work with Western companies.

Moreover, Putin hopes that the flow of gas on new routes will continue. He also said that Russia would try to increase the range of economic cooperation with those seeking it.

Putin has called for investment in Russia to keep trade and commerce in the country, saying his country has great potential. The West could not pull Moscow down.

Leaders of Germany, France, and Italy in Kyiv to express solidarity


International Desk: French President Emmanuel Macron, German Chancellor Olaf Schultz, and Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi have arrived in the Ukrainian capital, Kyiv, to show solidarity against the Russian invasion.

The top European leaders arrived in the war-torn continent on a joint visit on Thursday. A train carrying them to Ukraine took the three leaders together overnight, Reuters reported.

Appearing in Kyiv, Macron said: “This is an important moment. We are sending a message of unity, support, present and future of the Ukrainians, as the coming weeks may be very difficult. “

They will be joined by Romanian President Klaus Johannes during a meeting with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. The meeting is expected to focus on Kyiv’s accession to the European Union and the war.

They are not responding enough to the war, and the three leaders are thought to have fled to Kyiv to escape criticism from Ukraine. It took them a few weeks to organize the tour.

“We are here, we are focused, we will go with President Zelensky on a battlefield where genocide has taken place,” Macron said.

Asked why he was on the trip now, an official at the Elijah Palace said they considered it the best time to visit ahead of next week’s EU summit. The 28-member bloc is expected to discuss Kyiv’s request to join the conference.

Zelensky is also expected to pressure visiting leaders to send more weapons to his army, which is under pressure from Russia’s onslaught.

Ukraine accuses France, Germany, and Italy of wasting time helping Ukraine. These countries are putting their own prosperity ahead of Ukraine’s independence and security and are delaying arms supplies, Kyiv said.

“Zelensky is in a very difficult situation,” said a senior European Union official. The Ukrainian army needs weapons, and its numbers are dwindling. “

‘Presidents of two countries call and pressurized Mbappé’


Sports Reporter: Real Madrid president Florentino Perez said talks with Killian Mbappé had gone too far. However, he quickly saw some changes in the French star. According to the Real president, the head of state of France and Qatar, and the mayor of Paris had called and pressured Mbappé to change his mind.

Mbappé’s new contract with PSG was one of the most talked-about events in the football world this year. The childhood dream club Real Madrid will come to Mbappé, many took it for granted. But after a few dramatic days, the picture changed. He extended his contract with PSG for three seasons.

Too many Real Madrid supporters, Mbappé, was then branded a “traitor.”

“It simply came to our notice then that he had not betrayed me. He told everyone about his desire to play for Real Madrid. She said it was her dream. They did not release him last August, and PSG did not accept our offer. “

“We are waiting (for the season to end). Mbappé has always said that his dream is to come to Real. But (probable time) 15 days ago everything changed. Political and economic pressures put some compulsions on him. We noticed this change in him. In a hurry, I saw a Mbappé who is not like before. The Mbappé I wanted to bring, this Mbappé is not like that. It was as if his dream had changed. “

The president of Real Madrid also gave an example of how intense that pressure was.

“He was called (Emanuel) Macron, there was a lot of pressure. Political pressure, the issue of two countries, is a lot of pressure for a 23-year-old man. For legal reasons, we could not pre-contract. Anyway, at least I didn’t go down without explaining myself first. It’s better to say, this is not my Mbappé. “

“It’s not uncommon for the presidents of the two countries to call. Even the mayor of Paris called. Then came such a tempting offer from Qatar. He was under pressure and chose the easy way out. It doesn’t occur to me how the President of France calls him! Can the King of Spain tell a footballer like this? The presidents of two countries, France and Qatar, have called and pressured him. “

Perez also claimed that Mbappé’s mother wanted to see her son at Real.

“Mbappé’s mother wanted her son to come to Real Madrid because she knows about her son’s childhood dreams. I did not talk to his mother. But I heard he was embarrassed. “

Perez is no longer interested in that Mbappé of a changed mindset due to stress. He also made it clear that as a footballer, the club’s values ​​would never be compromised.

“I still have affection for Mbappé. But no one is bigger than the club. We have some values ​​in this club that we never want to change. She sent me a message. But I already noticed that he had changed. “

“Madrid fans may be disappointed, but no player can be bigger than the club. No footballer in the history of Real Madrid is bigger than the club. We can’t put the club management at risk by doing anything exceptional for anyone. “

The club president also said that the doors of Real Madrid have not been closed forever for Mbappé.

“The door of this club is never closed for any footballer who understands Real Madrid and understands the excellence of the club. I wish Mbappé all the best. He is a great footballer and will make many people smile. But no one is bigger than the club. ”

Two U.S. citizens are thought to be missing or taken prisoner in Ukraine


Md. Ashraful Islam: Two U.S. citizens who went to Ukraine voluntarily to fight Russian forces have been missing for a week and are thought to have been taken, prisoner.

Family members told Reuters on Wednesday.

Alexander Druk, 39, and Andy Huin, 27 of Alabama, USA, last contacted their families on June 8, after an expedition to Kharkiv, Ukraine, and never returned.

The families of the two men and their families were not immediately available for comment, according to the US State Department.

Andy’s fiancé Joy Black told Reuters on the phone: “All we know from the State Department right now is that Andy and Alex are missing.

“It simply came to our notice then. Obviously, if we take a long time to find them, we will start thinking of something else. “

Russia’s Defense Ministry did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

If captured, they would be the first U.S. citizens to be captured by Russia in the Ukraine war, which began on February 24.

White House National Security Adviser John Kerby said the United States would “do everything possible” to bring the reports back if they were true.

Earlier, two British and a Moroccan national were taken prisoner while fighting in Ukraine. Last week, a court in the Russian-speaking Donetsk People’s Republic, controlled by separatists, sentenced them to death.

Alexander’s mother, Louis Druk, said the Ukrainian embassy in the United States, which operates out of Poland, was searching for the pair and was maintaining contact with the embassy.

The two men who went missing told their families on June 8 that they would be offline for a while. It is learned that they have taken such a decision out of fear that their communication may be interrupted.

Druk has twice served in Iraq, the last time he worked as a singer in Baghdad in 2008-09, according to his mother. Huin was in the United States Marine Corps when he left his job in 2018, according to his fiancé.

COVID: The technical committee suggested lifting some restrictions


Senior Reporter: The National Technical Advisory Committee on Covid-19 has recommended that the Covid Negative Certificate and Vaccine Certificate be made mandatory for people from abroad as coronavirus infections continue to increase in the country.

Besides, it has been suggested to boycott public gatherings, make the wearing of masks compulsory, and re-introduce the policy of ‘No Mask, No Service’. Mohammad Sahidullah.

He said in a press release that these recommendations have been made to the government from the 57th meeting of the committee on Wednesday.

Three months later, on Wednesday, the number of patients diagnosed with coronavirus daily exceeded two hundred again. In addition to the sample test, the daily detection rate has been more than three percent for two days, which was below one percent for several consecutive weeks.

Due to the increase in coronavirus infection in the country, in the second week of November 2020, the government made it mandatory for returning passengers to have a COVID-19 negative certificate. That obligation was recently lifted as the infection was reduced.

On March 9, the Department of Health said that a full two-dose vaccine would not require a negative certificate of coronavirus to enter Bangladesh. But the National Technical Advisory Committee on Covid-19 thinks that the discount will no longer be safe.

According to the press release, the committee believes that the virus is spreading in Bangladesh through people from those countries who have new types of coronavirus and the rate of infection is higher in those countries.

“For this, necessary measures have to be taken at air, land, and seaports. Especially for passengers coming from more affected countries, a Covid-19 negative certificate, and vaccination certificate are required. Rapid antigen tests should be arranged for suspects. ”

The National Technical Advisory Committee says people with colds and coughs are no longer testing for covid. As a result, preventive measures are not being taken. As a result, the infection is increasing.

The Department of Health said on Wednesday that 5,096 samples had been tested in the country within 24 hours till Wednesday morning. Last January, there were around 50,000 daily tests for the coronavirus Omicron type.

To encourage those who have not yet taken a third or booster dose of the coronavirus, the National Committee recommends following Nightag’s advice to vaccinate children between the ages of 5 and 12.

Since the country started vaccinating against coronavirus in February 2021, more than, 1289 million people have received the first dose of covid vaccine till June 16 this year. Among them, 11 crores, 85 lakh people got the second dose. And the third or booster dose received 2 crores 74 lakh 89 thousand people.

Petrol prices hit record highs in the US


International Desk: In the United States, gasoline prices rose more than $5 per gallon on Saturday. This is the first time since 2008 that petrol prices have risen so much in the country. Which will make the inflation situation of the country more fragile.

According to AAA data, a gallon of petrol sold for 5.004 across the United States on Saturday. The previous day, this price was 4.986 dollars.

Last week, the United States had an average demand of 9.2 million barrels of gasoline per day, according to the country’s Energy Information Administration.

This high price of petrol has caused new headaches for US President Joe Biden and his party, the Democratic Party. The country is due to hold midterm elections in November. It will be difficult for the Democratic Party to maintain the narrow margin it currently has in the US Congress if it does not bring petrol prices and inflation to a moderate level.

Biden is trying in various ways to keep the price of petrol low. He has released a record amount of oil from the US Strategic Reserves. Various concessions have been made in the rules and regulations for summer oil production. He also called on OPEC members to increase production.

Oil prices have risen, not just in the United States, but around the world. Although India is not on that list, the Narendra Modi government has reduced oil prices.

There is more than one reason behind the rise in oil prices. Russia’s aggression in Ukraine has prompted the West to impose sanctions on Russia’s energy. However, Russia is one of the world’s top oil exporters. Russia’s oil supply to the world market has naturally created panic, which has led to increased demand for oil. Added to this, the refining capacity of oil decreased.

If oil prices remain above $5 per gallon for a long time, US economists expect demand to begin to decline.

Reed Lanson, a senior economist, said: “When prices are five dollars or more, we see a sharp drop in demand for petrol.”

According to the US Department of Energy, petrol prices in the United States are still about 8 percent lower than in 2008 to keep pace with inflation. In June 2008, the price of petrol rose to 5.41.

The United States is seeing the highest inflation in four decades. However, consumer spending in the country is still stable.

Consumers are still able to keep spending stable due to the Covid-19 epidemic relief program and a tight wage market, especially for low-income workers.

Canada wants a stern warning against cigarettes


International Desk: Although there are health warnings in cigarette packets, the Canadian government is considering putting warnings on each cigarette, without the expected results.

Caroline Bennett, the country’s minister for mental health and addiction, hopes the message will reach more people about the health risks of smoking.

The BBC reports that it will be the first time in the world that such a step has been taken to raise awareness about smoking.

Cigarettes are easily accessible to young people, and their main goal, says Caroline Bennett, is to “ignore the information printed on the packet in social situations.”

A 75-day campaign has been launched in the country since Saturday to seek public advice on the issue.

The Minister for Mental Health and Addiction said, “Adding the necessary health precautions to every tobacco product will ensure that it reaches the people.”

He told reporters that a warning was introduced in Canada in 2001 with pictures on cigarette packets. But the government did not deliver as much as it had hoped.

The Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada welcomed the government’s new proposal.

Doug Roth, chief executive of the foundation, told CBC Public Broadcaster Canada: “Canada now has the strongest health care system in the world for cigarettes.

“These are deadly products, and these measures will help reduce the attraction of young people and non-smokers. It will also support smokers’ efforts to quit smoking. “

According to Statistics Canada, by 2020, more than 4 million Canadians are regular or occasional smokers.

Tobacco is the leading preventable cause of illness and premature death in the country, the BBC reports. Canada’s current population is over 38 million.

According to the Canadian Lung Association, smoking kills an estimated 48,000 Canadians each year.