Satin vs Silk Pillow Wear For Hair


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Cotton pillow fences are commonly used in our country.

However, according to experts, the use of cotton pillow covers can cause small cuts in the skin and hair. This results in premature wrinkles and split ends and even hair loss.

Silk and satin pillow wears are useful in this case.

Silk pillow wear

Silk is a luxurious fiber but it is also beneficial for hair. Sweat does not accumulate at the roots of the hair as it can breathe. Rather it helps in conducting moisture.

It reduces friction between hair and clothes. This maintains the natural shine of the hair and also reduces the risk of hair-splitting, decay, and tangling.

In a report published in the Times of India, Joseph Main, co-founder and hairdresser of India’s ‘Trademark Beauty’, added, “Silk reduces the friction of the pillow and protects it from roughness without absorbing excess moisture.”

Shelley Aguirre, a makeup artist at the Mexican Salon in Chicago, said in a report: So the use of silk cover protects from corrosion. Roughness also increases due to the cotton cover of the owners of rough hair. So it is better to use a silk pillow cover. ”

Because silk reduces absorption, bacteria cannot nest in it. As a result, skin, and hair roots remain good.

Satin wear

Other fabrics, such as synthetics, blended with cotton to make satin more flexible than silk. As it is soft, hair loss is reduced by rubbing the fibers. It can ventilate. And absorbs less moisture.

Dr. registered dermatologist in the United States. Jesse Cheung advises, “Satin pillows are safe for hair. Its surface is smooth and slippery. As a result, even if the hair is rubbed, it does not cause cracks or erosion. ”

The difference

The main difference between these two fibers is cost. Silk is more expensive than satin. Satin is a combination of several fibers and is relatively low in price.

Satin fibers are easy to find and easy to clean. And before buying silk fabric, it is necessary to check it well and check the quality.


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