Second dose of mass vaccine at the previous center: Department of Health


Senior Reporter: The Department of Health has said that the second dose should be taken from the center from which the vaccinator has taken the first dose.

The second dose of coronavirus will be given across the country from September 6.

From 6 to 12 August, mass vaccination programs were carried out at the level of unions, Upazilas, districts, and city corporations across the country. More than 3 million doses of vaccine were given through this program.

This information was given in the regular bulletin of the Department of Health on Sunday. Md. Shamsul Haque.

He said, “The vaccines required for the campaign reached various centers across the country on Sunday.

“The second dose of that campaign will be given in the same way and at the same center from September 7. We are informing the people that those who took the first dose during the campaign will get the second dose from the same center. ”

He urged everyone to be vigilant in this regard.

In addition, pregnant and lactating women can register and get vaccinated. They can get the vaccine from the center near the house. In this case, even if there is no SMS on the mobile, there will be no problem getting the vaccine.

The bulletin said, “She will go to the center where she has registered and show the vaccine card, ANC card, or a specialist’s advice (where mentioned she is a pregnant woman). You can get the vaccine by signing the consent form. ”

People with disabilities will get vaccinated

Dr. news bulletin. Shamsul Haque said that according to the decision of the national committee, arrangements are being made to vaccinate disabled people. In this case, you have to register for the vaccination using the golden card issued by the Department of Social Welfare.

He said the health department is working with the social welfare ministry on the issue.

“Arrangements are being made so that they can get vaccinated using this card. They will be able to register using the gold card number. A new window will open. However, in this case, also the age limit is above 18 years. ”

According to the Department of Health, a total of 1 crore 90 lakh 71 thousand 6 people have received the first dose till Saturday. The second dose was given to 85 lakh 26 thousand 309 people.


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