Sugar in salty foods

Sugar can be used in salty foods

News Desk: The use of the right amount of sugar in salty foods varies in taste.

Pepper in salty food and sugar in sweet food. This taste of cooking is common and familiar to us. But sometimes the opposite happens. Many people sprinkle a little sugar on salty food before removing it from the oven. This makes the food taste different.

In India, Bangladesh, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, Japan, and Italy, a lot of curries or other spicy food is sprinkled with a little sugar after cooking. Some foods in these countries use sour ingredients such as tomatoes, sour yogurt, tamarind, lemon. This sugar is used to reduce the sourness of food. Again, a pinch of sugar is given to balance the taste of very spicy and spicy food. However, it is better to use sugar in cooking after absorbing cooking oil. Meanwhile, if you use more pepper, you can increase the amount of sugar a little.

No food needs sugar

However, it is not necessary to add sugar to all types of food if it is salty. Adding a little sugar to our local food such as meat dishes, roasts, various items of beef or pickled meat enhances the taste. In addition, many people use testing salt in Chinese and Thai food. There is a feeling of soda in the face. If you sprinkle a little sugar in such food, the mixture of salt and sugar will remove the feeling of soda, said chef Sitara Ferdous.

Apart from this, let’s find out what other reasons sugar is used in food.

1. Some foods are a little bitter or bitter. A little sugar in such foods makes a difference in taste.

2. A little sugar is needed to bring out the sweet and sour taste in food.

3. Sugar is often used to make food crunchy.

4. A little sugar is needed to enhance the taste, smell, and concentration of food.

5. Foods that use a lot of garlic sometimes need a little sugar.

6. Sugar is often sprinkled on white food after cooking to bring brown color to the food.

7. Sugar is needed to add caramel flavor to food.

8. If the amount of pepper in the food is high, sugar is given to balance the taste.


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