The ‘case docket’ of Sohail Chowdhury murder case has disappeared, the evidence is also missing


Court Reporter: The concerned police officer told the court that he could not find the case docket containing all the information of the murder case of Sohail Chowdhury two decades ago.

Besides, the seized evidence of the case has also disappeared from the court premises, said a state lawyer.

The sensational murder case was pending for a long time as no documents could be found. Recently, after the commencement of the trial, the matter of not finding the case docket was revealed.

The court on Monday directed retired police inspector Farid Uddin to file a case docket (map, table of contents, statement of statement under section 161 of the state) and other documents of Dhaka Speedy Trial Tribunal No. 2 in Dhaka on Monday. He has been asked to find out and submit it on May 12.

Earlier, the same judge had ordered Farid to submit a case docket. But he failed.

State counsel for the tribunal Syed Shamsul Alam Badal said, “On June 2, 2005, Farid Uddin took the case docket from the PP office.

“It simply came to our notice then. Farid Uddin is none of the cases. He took the case docket to show to the police DC and later did not return it. “

He also said that Farid had failed to file the case on Monday. Prosecutors have been asked to assist him in this task. The seized goods in the case have also disappeared from Malkhana, otherwise, the trial will be disrupted. ”

Asked about this, Chief Counsel of Dhaka Metropolitan Sessions Judge Abdullah Abu could not give a satisfactory answer.

Earlier, however, he told reporters, “Why he took it is a mystery. This is a sensational case. To ruin the case or those who were interested in the case, they may have done so. So it should be found out. “

Although admitting to picking up the docket, Farid Uddin could not answer various questions. He had earlier told reporters, “I can’t say anything about that. What happened so long ago, I do not remember. I am not the investigating officer in this case. ”

Meanwhile, recently arrested accused Ashish Roy Chowdhury applied to the court for bail on Monday. Following the hearing, the judge denied his bail application.

On the night of April 5, RAB informed that Ashish (63) was arrested with drugs from a house in Gulshan the capital. He was later shown arrested in the Sohail Chowdhury murder case.

Sohail was shot dead on December 16, 1997, at the Abedin Tower on Road No. 18 in Banani, below the Trump Club. On the day of the incident, his brother Touhidul Islam Chowdhury filed a murder case with Gulshan police station.

After the actor’s murder, allegations of involvement of film producer and businessman Aziz Mohammad Bhai surfaced. On July 30, 1999, Dhaka Metropolitan Detective Police Assistant Commissioner Abul Kashem filed a chargesheet against nine people, including businessman Aziz Mohammad Bhai.

The other accused are Afaqul Islam alias Bunty Islam and Ashish Chowdhury, the owners of Trump’s Club, top terrorists Sanjidul Islam Emon, Adnan Siddiqui, Tariq Saeed Mamun, Selim Khan, Harun Aur Rashid alias Leather Liton and Farooq Abbasi.

Charges were framed against the accused in the case on October 30, 2001, at the Third Additional Metropolitan Sessions Judge’s Court in Dhaka. The case was then sent to Dhaka’s Speedy Trial Tribunal No. 2 in 2003 for speedy disposal.

But the court gave a rule on behalf of Tariq Saeed Mamun, one of the accused, seeking dismissal of the case in the High Court; With that came the suspension of the proceedings of the case in the Judicial Court.

After that, the documents of the case could not be found for a long time. Later, in the context of a writ petition, the matter came to the notice of all. The trial then resumed in the Judicial Court.

Sohail Chowdhury entered the film world in 1974 through a naming contest in search of a new face for FDC. Parveen Sultana Diti was also selected in the same competition. The star couple later got married.


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