The goal of Russia’s aggression is the whole of Europe: Zelensky

Photo: Reuters

News Desk: Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky says Russia’s aggression is not limited to Ukraine. Its target is the whole of Europe.

He made the remarks in a late-night speech on Saturday, local time, the BBC reported.

“Russia’s use of force will inevitably lead to catastrophic situations for every country,” he said.

Russia is stepping up its attacks in eastern Ukraine. Zelensky also said that Ukraine was ready for a tough war against Russian forces there.

As Russia’s target is the whole of Europe, “all democracies and all European powers have a moral obligation to support Ukraine’s aspirations for peace, but also a defense strategy for each country,” Zelensky said.

Leaders in several European countries have sought to show solidarity with war-torn Ukraine. In his Saturday speech, Zelensky thanked the leaders of Britain and Austria for their visit to Kiev.

Zelensky also thanked the European Commission and the Prime Minister of Canada for their efforts to raise funds for Ukrainian refugees. He also called for a complete ban on Russian oil and gas.

If a dictatorship invades Europe and disrupts peace, action must be taken immediately, Zelensky said.


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