The Khilafah Majlis left the BNP alliance, saying it was ‘politically ineffective’


Senior Reporter: The Khilafah Majlis left the alliance, citing the fact that the BNP-led alliance has become ‘politically ineffective’.

Acting Secretary General Advocate Mohammad at a press conference after the meeting of the party’s highest policymaking forum Majlis on Friday afternoon. Jahangir Hossain announced the unanimous decision of the organization to leave the alliance.

Earlier on July 14 this year, a section of Jamiat Ulama Islam withdrew from the BNP-led 20-party alliance citing “lack of proper evaluation”.

Maulana Bahauddin Zakaria, acting secretary-general of Jamiat Ulama, told a news conference that day that he was leaving the alliance.

Besides, on May 8, 2019, the Bangladesh Jatiya Party (BJP) led by Andalib Rahman Perth announced to leave the alliance due to conflict over joining the parliament.

Earlier, on October 26, 2016, a section of the Labor Party withdrew from the 20-party alliance due to disagreement over the BNP’s joining the National Unity Front.

At a press conference on Friday, the acting secretary-general of the Majlis in Khilafah gave reasons for leaving the alliance.

He said, “Khilafat Majlis has been in the BNP alliance for 22 long years. Since 2019, the alliance has not had any visible political activities and programs. With the formation of the National Front in 2016, the 20-party alliance was made practically ineffective.

“Considering the ideological, organizational, and political situation, the Shura session of the Majlis today decided that the Khilafah Majlis will play a role in the field as an ideological organization with its own unique characteristics and is leaving relations with all political alliances, including the 20-party alliance.”

In response to a question, the acting secretary-general said they would not join any other alliance.

The press conference was held at a restaurant in Purana Paltan.

Earlier, a meeting of the Shura was held under the chairmanship of Maulana Muhammad Ishaq. The meeting of more than two hundred members decided to leave the alliance.

The press conference also demanded the immediate release of the party’s secretary-general Professor Ahmed Abdul Quader.

At that time Amir Principal of the organization Maulana Muhammad Ishaq, Senior Naib Amir Maulana Jubayer Ahmad Chowdhury, Naib Amir Maulana Abdul Basit Azad, Maulana Mouddin Ahmed, Maulana Ahmed Ali, Advocate Sakhawat Hossain, Professor Abdul Halim, Joint Secretary General Mostaf, Organizing Secretary Mizanur Rahman, Tofazzal Hossain Miaji, Minhazul Alam on Education were present.

In 2012, the BNP formed an 18-party alliance by expanding the scope of the four-party alliance with the aim of agitating against the Awami League government demanding elections under a non-party government. Later, when two more parties joined it, a 20-party alliance was formed.

In the last few years, some parties, including the BJP, have left the alliance due to differences, such as the Islamic Unity Alliance, the NPP, the NAP, the Labor Party, and the NDP.

Most recently, on July 14, a section of Jamiat Ulama Islam withdrew from the alliance.


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