The mistake everybody does while using Oven


Md. Ashraful Islam: Placing food in the middle of the pot is not the right way to heat the oven.

There is no easy way to cook or heat food in the microwave oven. Put the cold food in the microwave oven, squeeze a few sweets and wait a few minutes to make a busy meal. But the problem is the same, and that is the lack of taste.

You may have adapted to that taste over time. The food that is prepared in two minutes can be accepted, even if it is burnt on the top for some strange reason and a little frozen inside.

The funny thing is here the mistake is, not the microwave oven.

When cooking or heating food in the oven, everyone puts the food in the middle of the dish inside the oven. In fact, it should be placed on the edge of the dish.

Mackenzie Bryson Jackson (MS), a food specialist and product improvement manager at Panasutics, a US-based nutrition company, says: To understand that, you have to understand how microwave technology works. ”

“Any object under the microwave is exposed to high levels of electromagnetic radiation,” he said in a report published on It moves water particles and creates heat. ”

Another phenomenon that occurs when using a microwave is ‘runway heating’. In this case, the place that is already warm, it will heat up faster. And the place that is cold will take longer to warm up. This is why some parts of food that are heated or cooked in the microwave oven become very hot and some parts of that food remain frozen. And when the microwave doesn’t get a chance to transfer its energy to anything, it starts to be reflected inside the oven. ” Mackenzie explained.

The food expert added, “That’s why the dish inside the oven is rotated so that the ‘microwave’ falls evenly around the food. However, if the food is placed in the middle, it does not fall evenly. If you put it on one side of the dish, the food will be equally hot. ”

Again, it is better to shake the food once or twice in the middle of cooking. However, this opportunity is available only in the case of a handful of foods.

Mackenzie Jackson suggests a way to understand which part of the oven is hotter.

“Fill a dish with marshmallows and cook in the oven for 50 seconds,” he said. The place where the marshmallows swell is hotter. So if you want to heat any food quickly, you have to keep the food in that place. ”


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