The teacher surprised by gardening on the roof of the school


News Desk: When the teacher is a nature lover, if the school does not have a garden, it is quite inappropriate! This is what Sukumar Roy, an agricultural teacher of Panga Girls’ High School in Domar Upazila of Nilphamari did.

Sukumar Roy has built a roof garden in the academic building of the school with his own efforts. About four thousand square feet of the roof is home to about a hundred species of plants. There are flowering trees, forest, fruit, and various vegetable trees.

It can be seen on the ground that innumerable species of vegetable trees have found a place in the roof garden of the school teacher. Banana trees have also grown there with utmost care. There are guava, mango, quince, orange, batabi lemon, malta, papaya and many more.

Among the flowers, seasonal flowers including rose, rangana, gandharaja, dolan champa, wood rose, madhabi vine, various species of jaba, cherry, almond, toger.

Among the medicinal plants are aloe vera, basil, thankuni, patharkuchi and many more. Teacher Sukumar Roy said that the number of trees in his garden is constantly increasing. From there, many visitors, including students, took the tree species from him.

He said that if he gets government patronage, he wants to decorate the school with flowers. Want to build a large garden. His dream is not to have a garden around the school, but a school around the garden.

Teacher Sukumar Roy was overwhelmed with emotion when he started talking about this roof garden, which has been arranged in tiles since 2016. “Everyone, including my colleagues and students, helps me a lot in this work,” he said.

I have collected the species of trees where I found them. I have picked up many trees from the forests of different places. Many people laughed at first when they saw my work. I did not stop. Today’s bagan is childish to me.

“Everyone can decorate our roofs like this if we want,” he said. Naturally, as strong as we will be, we can create success economically. Many of my students have also made small gardens in their own homes.

Parni Girls High School headmaster Tarni Kant Roy said, “Our assistant teacher started working with great effort.” Thanks to his efforts, we have this roof garden today, which is a matter of fame and pride for us.


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