The White House is getting its first black press secretary


News Desk: U.S. President Joe Biden has named Carin Jean-Pierre as White House Press Secretary, becoming the first black woman and the first lesbian to hold the post.

According to the BBC, Jean-Pierre, 44, has been acting deputy press secretary since Joe Biden was elected president.

He is being replaced by current Press Secretary Jane Sakir, 43. Saki will be leaving the post next week to join the US media outlet MSNBC.

The press secretary usually attends daily news briefings in front of reporters at the White House, which is an important position.

Before leaving, Jane Sackie took to Twitter to wish Jean-Pierre success and described his successor as a “wonderful woman” with “moral values.”

“I look forward to seeing his success. He will appear on this stage with his own style, intelligence, and pride,” Saki said.

Earlier, Carin Jean-Pierre worked as an analyst at MSNBC. He has been in Democratic Party politics for two decades.

Born on the French island of Martini in the Caribbean, Jean-Pierre grew up in Queens, New York. He was a key figure in the administration of former President Barack Obama.

Jean-Pierre was the national spokesman for a Liberal advisory group during the 2016 presidential election. Prior to joining the White House press team, Joe Biden also served as Chief of Staff to Vice President Kamala Harris.

The BBC reports that Carin Jean-Pierre is set to take over as White House press secretary at a crucial time in the run-up to the November midterm elections.


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