Tito Mia successful in commercial roof gardening


News Desk: Mukul Hossain, the owner of the house next to Tito Mia, said, “I have never seen a tree-crazy person like him.” His intense love for trees. He said that all the Nasaris established in Chuadanga were built by him.

Humaira Cynthia, a student at Tito Mia University, said, “I have seen my father plant gardens since he was a child. He used to do it as a hobby. Now doing online business. Dad’s online business did not stop because of Corona.

His online business was launched in Corona. Many trees have been sold. As a woman, I would say, women can do roof gardening too. It doesn’t take land to do that. Those who have a home, everyone has more or less the roof. We can sell this tree online by building a roof garden on the roof.

Regarding tree collection, Abdur Rashid Tito Mia said, “People who are tree lovers like us buy trees from those who have nurseries.” We sell these trees again through care and collect new trees again. “I started roof gardening with e-Forbia trees when I was in seventh grade,” he said.

Initially, it was a hobby to collect trees, but now it has become commercial. I have a Facebook ID through which I upload pictures. Once the price of the tree that the visitors like is determined, we pack the tree and send it by courier.

Chuadanga Sadar Upazila Deputy Assistant Agriculture Officer Sahin Rabbi said many unemployed youths can bring financial prosperity by buying and selling online through commercial roof gardening, even if they do not have land. In Corona, not only young people, but people of any age can do roof gardening. Even if there is no land, it is possible to earn extra income by roof gardening through proper planning.

Tito Mia is a shining example of the fact that it is possible to get employment with the enhancement of the beauty of the roof garden. Chuadanga Agricultural Extension Training Sufi Rafiquzzaman said agricultural land is declining due to population growth. We are trying to increase agriculture vertically to meet the increased demand. As a result, many of our people are gardening on the roof as a hobby.

Until now, I used to watch the gardens as a hobby. But in the old hospital area of ​​our Chuadanga municipal area, a gentleman named Abdur Rashid Tito is collecting and producing about three and a half thousand saplings of various amateur national trees.

Tito Mia is earning Rs 50,000 to Rs 60,000 a month by supplying saplings online at a time when people are losing their jobs due to unemployment. Last year we trained Tito Mia. And especially those who are educated unemployed are gardening after seeing Tito Mia and online they can reduce unemployment by selling tree saplings like Tito Mia.


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