Twitter deal suspended for now: Musk


Technology Desk: Elon Musk has suspended a deal to buy Twitter for 4.4 billion.

He said he would wait for the latest information on the microblogging site’s spam and fake accounts to verify its reliability.

In a tweet on Friday, Tesla founder Musk wrote: “The Twitter deal has been temporarily suspended.”

Reuters said it did not know Twitter’s immediate response. Twitter’s share price has fallen by 20 percent in the stock market.

As early as May, Twitter reported that in the first three months of this year, spam or fake accounts accounted for less than five percent of the daily users who were eligible for financial evaluation on their platform.

As an organization, they also face some risks before the deal with Musk is completed, Twitter said. There was also whether advertisers would continue to spend money on Twitter.

On the other hand, from the very beginning of offering to buy Twitter, Musk has been talking about improving the service of the platform by deleting ‘spambots’.

According to the technology site Verge, the complexity stems from Twitter’s latest quarterly financial report. In a financial report released a few weeks ago, the company said it had increased the number of regular users per day for three consecutive years.

Twitter says that due to technical complications, multiple accounts associated with the same user have been treated as separate user accounts. As a result, the number of users per quarter has increased by at least 1.9 million.


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