Uber-Lift lifts mask requirement in the US


Technology Desk: Face masks are no longer mandatory for Uber and elevator passengers and drivers in the United States. Shortly after the announcement of the change in the policy of several large airlines, the two ride-hailing companies brought this change in their policy.

“The CDC’s ruling on masks no longer applies when using ride-share platforms like Uber, and we have amended our Covid-19 mask and front seat rules accordingly.” – Uber wrote in an email sent to users on Tuesday.

Uber will no longer force passengers to sit in the back seat of a car. However, Uber has requested that the front seat be left vacant if many people do not travel in one car. The lift also allowed passengers to sit in the front seat, Reuters reported in a blog post.

“We know that everyone has their own level of comfort. If anyone wants to continue wearing a mask, we encourage them to do so. “- Lift said in the post.

“However, passengers and drivers can cancel a ride at any time if they do not want to. However, health reasons – such as not wearing a mask – will no longer be a reason to cancel a trip. ” – Added elevator.

The changes come a day after a federal judge revoked the Biden administration’s mask mandate for aircraft and other public transport methods.

“Some areas may still need legal masks,” Lift said in a mail to Uber and in a blog post. “And local rules will apply to those areas.”


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