Ukraine bans imports from Russia

File picture. Taken from Reuters

News Desk: A month and a half after Russia launched a “special military operation” in Ukraine, Kiev banned the import of all goods from the country.

Until the war, Russia was Ukraine’s main trading partner; Kiev imports about কোটি 600 million worth of goods from the country each year, according to Reuters.

Trade between the two neighboring countries has been virtually shut down since Russia launched an “operation” in Ukraine in the last week of February.

Ukraine on Saturday formally enacted the law.

“Today, we are officially shutting down trade with the aggressor state. From now on, no Russian products will be imported into our country, “Ukrainian Finance Minister Yulia Sviridenko wrote on her Facebook page on Saturday.

He also called on European countries to take tough measures like Ukraine.

“The enemy’s budget will no longer receive money in exchange for our imports, which will reduce their ability to spend on war. Such a move would set an example for our Western partners, as well as encourage them to pursue further sanctions against Russia, “he said.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has repeatedly called on Western nations to boycott Russia’s oil and other exports. He is also urging to stop exporting goods to Russia.

Western nations have imposed such sanctions on Moscow since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine that no other major economy has ever experienced such an experience.

Russia is facing further sanctions, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said on Sunday.


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