Vaccines are being prepared in ‘very fast’ country: Health Minister


Parliament Reporter: Health Minister Zahid Malek has said that preparations are underway to develop a coronavirus vaccine in Bangladesh ‘very soon.

A total of 160 million doses of vaccine have been ordered so far, he told parliament on Wednesday. We are working towards that goal. Vaccines will be made in the country very soon. ”

On August 18, a parliamentary committee on the health ministry recommended that the country officially launch a coronavirus vaccine within the next six months.

The August 26 meeting officially asked the ministry for a full plan for coronavirus vaccine production.

According to the working paper of the meeting, in April, Sanjan K Das, a researcher at the University of Sheffield in the United Kingdom, sent a proposal to the Secretary of Health to create an infrastructure for vaccine production at the government level.

Sanjan Das’s vaccine-making technology has undergone RND and preclinical trials, the paper said.

In addition, the working paper states that vaccine production is possible if the government organization ‘Essential Drugs’ buys some new equipment with the existing infrastructure. It said the ministry was considering reviewing the technical aspects of the matter.

Responding to various complaints and questions from MPs, the health minister told parliament on Wednesday that 2.5 crore people had already been vaccinated. One and a half crore people have been vaccinated in two doses.

“After receiving confirmation of 60 million doses of vaccine from China, I saw that two to three thousand crore rupees are needed to bring this vaccine. Whatever the cost, the Prime Minister has asked for a vaccine.

“We will get 50 million vaccines from Kovax. In all, there are orders for 160 million vaccines. The vaccine has been taken to the village. ”


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