Waterlogging in Chittagong after 3 hours of rain


Chittagong Bureau: After a few days of hot weather, wind and rain gave some relief to the people of Chittagong, but it was taken away by the misery of waterlogging.

Chittagong received more than 40 mm of rain in 3 hours on Saturday morning, causing waterlogging in several areas.

It rained intermittently in the city from 8:30 am to 11:30 pm. But before that, the sun also rose in the sky.

The Patenga Meteorological Office recorded 48 mm of rainfall from 6 am to 12 noon. The rainfall was 43 mm between 9 am and 12 noon.

Patenga Meteorological Office forecasting officer Biswajit Chowdhury said it had rained with strong winds in Kalbaishakhi.

Gate number two, Chawkbazar, Kapasgola, Kalamia Bazar, Badurtala, Jangi Shahr Mazar Gate, Bara Mia Mosque, KB Aman Ali Road, Fultala, and some other places were flooded due to rain.

Ruman Bhattacharya, a resident of Chawkbazar area, said, “Water rose on Chawkbazar Raw Bazaar, Bara Mia Mosque, Fultal, KB Aman Ali Road. Residents of the area had to go to the office to get over the dirty water.

“The students of the school suffer the most. They had to go to class in dirty water with their uniforms. ”

Water accumulated on the main road in gate number two area of ​​the city. All kinds of vehicles including rickshaws, private cars, and buses were moving under the water.

Private employee Md. Was going to Agrabad from gate number two. Raihan. He said, “Even in less than this rain, the water rises. Rain in front. Then it will be like this every day. Again, it is not clear where the canals are open. We have to walk on the road in fear. ”

At present, four projects are underway in Chittagong city at a cost of around TK 10,000 crore. The Chittagong Development Authority (CDA) is implementing the largest project of around TK 6,500 crore.

The construction of this project is being carried out by the 34 Engineer Construction Brigade of the Army. Under the project, temporary dams have been constructed for construction work in several canals of the city.

Councilor Mubarak Ali, chairman of the standing committee of the Chittagong City Corporation, said that waterlogging was taking place in the city even in the summer rains as the dams had not been opened yet.

“We have given a list to the CDA to remove the dams in the canals before the monsoon,” he said. They also said they would remove them before the rains.

“Some dams have already been removed. The water cannot move because of what is left. That is why there is waterlogging. ”


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