What the foreign minister said about the Taliban government


News Desk: The Taliban has formed an interim government in Afghanistan. Foreign Minister AK Abdul Momen has clarified Bangladesh’s position on the issue.

He was speaking to reporters at the Foreign Ministry on Thursday.

“Some of them (in Europe) have said, the BBC has said, will you do what India will do or not?” Or do what Pakistan does?

“We said we wouldn’t see who did what.”

The leaders of the United Kingdom and the Netherlands also wanted to know the position of Bangladesh from the Foreign Minister.

Abdul Momen said, “Everyone has asked me, will we join their bandwagon or not?” What is our position?

“We have said that we are still monitoring the Afghan issue,” he said. Do they say that we will recognize the new government or not? We said, let’s see their condition. We will decide based on their attitude, their policies, their projects.

Foreign Minister Momen said Bangladesh would decide to work with the SAARC countries if the government was formed in Afghanistan with the support of the majority of the people of that country.


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